With 'Harry's House' , Harry Styles Asks Us to Stay Awhile

Can a person feel like home?

Harry's House Review
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Harry Styles has been a busy boy. From top-secret appearances in Marvel films, a starring role in Olivia Wilde's highly anticipated directorial feature Don't Worry Darling (the talented couple's first project together), and another role in this summer's My Policeman, from director Michael Grandage, Harry Styles has kept us fed with acting projects — and simultaneously had us begging for more. But with the release of his new album Harry's House, music fans are finally able to feast.

Having already nabbed the top spot for the fastest-selling album of 2022, Harry Styles teased fans with the hit single "As It Was" in late March (to great success), giving us a taste of what we could expect from the full album's release on May 20th. As always, Harry exceeded expectations. With a plentiful 13 tracks boasting a mix of melodic up-tempo beats, and slow, sensual cooing, Harry's House has something for every guest.

At face value, tracks like "As It Was," "Daylight," "Daydreaming," and the aptly-titled "Keep Driving" make Harry's House feel like the perfect album to play during a trip down the Pacific Coast Highway at dusk. Alternatively, it's ideal for the first thing you turn on on a Sunday morning, a joyful soundtrack to dance to while you get ready to meet your closest friends for brunch. But at its core, Harry's House feels like he's taking us along for the ride on a journey through a new relationship. From the first date (listen to the perfect "Music for a Sushi Restaurant") to the moment where you wonder if this person could be the "Love of My Life," the full life cycle of a new love is represented.

Harry's House Review
Lillie Eiger

On "Late Night Talking," Harry croons along to the upbeat track with lyrics of complete adoration: "I've never been a fan of change / But I'd follow you to any place / If it's Hollywood or Bishopsgate." It brings to mind that all-encompassing moment when a crush's name lights up your phone as they text you first. That romanticism is a common theme that runs through Harry's House. Did "Watermelon Sugar" walk so "Grapejuice" could run? I think so! From 2017's "Kiwi" to 2019's "Cherry," Harry's never met a piece of fruit he didn't want to name a song after.

And then there's "Little Freak," a mid-tempo track that feels more intimate than it is—Harry sings, "I was thinking about who you are / Your delicate point of view / I was thinking about you" are these lyrics especially substantial? Are they impressive? Are they deep? No. But they do feel good. And if we know anything about Harry, all he wants to do is make you feel good.

Harry's House Review
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On "Satellites," an up-tempo song with melancholy lyrics, he sings, "You got a new life / Am I bothering you, do you wanna talk?" after the first flush of love has dissipated. Later, he finishes the thought by singing, "Spinnin' out, waitin' for ya to pull me in / I can see you're lonely down there / Don't you know that I am right here?" evoking that feeling of perusing your ex's Instagram feed just to see how well (hopefully poorly) they've moved on without you.

Styles continues the theme, unpacking a breakup on "Boyfriends" with lyrics like "Boyfriends, they think you're so easy / They take you for granted / They don't know, they're just misunderstanding / You." This track seemingly takes boyfriends everywhere to task, placing the onus on men for once for a failed relationship.

And if you were wondering why he decided to name the album Harry's House, there isn't some deep, meaningful explanation for it. In an interview with Apple Music, he explained that he was fond of Haruomi Hosono's 1970s album Hosono House, and thus, the inspiration was born. Now, all that's left to wonder is which one of his famous exes (or his current high-profile relationship) inspired the album.

Either way, I'm just glad we were invited.

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