As if we needed another reason to love him.

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Over the years, we've come to know Harry Styles as a true fashion icon. Who else could pull off just about any Gucci outfit, reinvent pearl necklaces, and inspire us to knit a colorful cardigan?

Harry Styles
Credit: Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

However, just like the rest of us, the singer isn't immune from taking a tip or two from a classic TV show. While out in Los Angeles over the weekend, Styles was captured by Instagram user @micaelacolll wearing a T-shirt that read "Save the drama for your mama," which looked an awful lot like a design Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) once wore on Friends.

Harry Styles
Credit: Instagram/micaelacolll

If you're part of Styles' fanbase, then you likely know he's big on referencing the sitcom. There are videos of him on stage quoting memorable lines, and he even tweeted Phoebe's hilarious name change, "Princess Consuela Banana Hammock," back in 2011. Seeing him wear a shirt that once appeared on one of his favorite shows? Still iconic and inspiring, but not too surprising.

Jennifer Aniston Friends Embroidered Shirt
Credit: NBC

While there are plenty of dupes of this famous and forever relevant tee on Etsy, it turns out Styles' own version was DIY, made by his sister, Gemma. According to a comment she left on Grazia UK's Instagram post, she embroidered it herself.

Fingers crossed that he makes an appearance in Monica's famous Girls sweatshirt next.