Hari Nef's Most Prized Possession Is a Hand-Me-Down from Lena Dunham

Welcome back to Dirty Laundry, a video series starring InStyle Editor-in-Chief Laura Brown, where she gets celebrities to dish on their most prized fashion possessions—in a laundromat, of course. In this week’s episode, model and actress Hari Nef stopped by with a bag of her favorite things, including a whole lot of Gucci accessories and a ring from Girls star Lena Dunham.

“This is a very special little ring,” Nef says before diving into the story of how it came to be hers. Basically, the ring originally belonged to Dunham’s classmate in high school. And when Dunham complimented the ring, the friend took it off her own finger and gave it to the future Girls creator and star. Years later, Dunham was at dinner with Nef, who told her she liked the ring.

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“And she was like, ‘You want it? Take it.’ And so the cycle of cool, older theater girls is unbroken,” Nef says. “And one day I’ll be the older one and maybe I’ll pass it down but for now it’s my lucky ring and I wear it to auditions.”

Watch the clips above, and catch the full video over on the PEN Network.

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