Hannah Bronfman's Party Prep Includes a Lot of Sweating

Hannah Bronfman
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Hannah Bronfman is one of those people whose Instagram feed makes you feel guilty for vegging out on the couch (where you are scrolling through Instagram, of course). Because on social media, Bronfman is always doing a workout, or dressing up to go to a fabulous event, or traveling the world with her husband, Brendan Fallis.

We caught up with the DJ, Adidas ambassador, and soon-to-be-published author (her book, Do What Feels Good, is out January 8) to take us through her getting ready process for a bash at the Guggenheim. Bronfman, along with stylist Sarah Slutsky, says she plans her looks in advance. "This particular dress was chosen over a month ago," she says. When her outfit is set, she starts planning her hair and makeup. "For glam, as soon as I have on a look, I start to envision what the beauty look will be and what mood I'm trying to convey. I love working with creative hair and makeup people because I'm always down to take a risk."

As befits a certified fitness influencer, Bronfman has a pre-night out routine that includes sweating, "whether it's from a workout or an infrared sauna, so my skin has a nice glow." When it comes to working out, she says, "I actually love the feeling of being sore, but I try to stay away from workouts that cause a lot of inflammation like running." And when she gets home, she doesn't crash right away, remarking that: "My post-event ritual is getting my IG story up to date! I never seem to be able to just put something up on the spot, especially if I'm with friends and conversing."

Below, her diary from the annual Guggenheim International Gala Pre-Party.

Hannah Bronfman Diary 5

"Going for a little bit of edge with my makeup since my dress is very sweet. I love a little contrast."

Hannah Bronfman Diary

"Takisha is a curl master, and I wanted to do something a little unexpected, so brushed-out curls was the move."

Hannah Bronfman Diary 6

"The [Dior Beauty] color palettes and textures make me so happy"
Capture Youth Plump Filler, $95; Dior Hydra Life Fresh Hydration Sorbet Crème, $69; Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation in #4N & #5N, $40; Diorskin Mineral Nude Bronzer in #006 Warm Sundown, $48; Dior 5 Couleurs in #357 Electrify (turquoise and vanilla shades), $62; Dior Backstage Eye Palette in #002 Cool Neutrals, $49; Dior Eyeliner Waterproof in #094 Trinidad Black, $30; Diorshow Mascara in Black, $29.50; Dior Backstage Brow Palette – Dark, $35; Dior Lip Glow in #004 Coral, $34.

Hannah Bronfman Diary 4

"I don't do well in large crowds on an empty stomach! Insert Vietnamese cauliflower rice bowl."

Hannah Bronfman Diary 2

"I'm so excited for the embroidery and layers on this dress to come to life over my petticoat!"

Hannah Bronfman Diary 3

"Slipping into this beaut and don't fret, I'm going to take my Whoop [fitness tracker] bracelet off."

Hannah Bronfman Diary 9

"The thing about the Guggenheim is, if you want to look at the art you need to be prepared to walk uphill. Thank god these heels are comfy!"

Hannah Bronfman Diary 7

"The rare fine dimes."

Hannah Bronfman Diary 10

"Someone once said a bow makes all the difference."

Hannah Bronfman Diary 8

"Jorja Smith came with the 'No Scrubs' TLC."

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