Halsey Celebrated Her Cosmetics Line With a Sheer Mesh Bra and Curse-Word Undies

Lingerie with a cheeky message.

Halsey Instagram
Photo: Halsey Instagram

Never one to shy away from showing off some lingerie (remember their 2022 Oscars after-party look?), Halsey once again posed in a pair of underwear to celebrate a major milestone — but this time, they came with a message.

On Monday, the singer honor the fact that their makeup line, about-face beauty, is now available at Ulta Beauty with a celebratory Instagram post. Captioning the announcement, "This is so wild to me I've been shopping at Ulta since I was in high school I feel like I'm dreaming," the first picture in the series showed Halsey wearing a completely sheer black mesh bra paired with red, high-waisted underwear and tall leather boots. While the outfit seemed tame enough, it wasn't until they showed off their backside in the second picture that we could see the underwear's cheeky message: "Fuck off."

Halsey finished the look by styling their hair in a voluminous blowout, opting for black smokey eyeliner, and swiping on a bold red lip color — but that wasn't the only outfit in the photo dump. In addition to a snap of the star eating a lipstick-kissed banana in a black floral-printed tank top, oversized flannel, and a black choker, the series also showed Halsey pulling on a pair of white-washed jeans paired with asymmetrical black underwear and an ab-baring white crop top.

Halsey's post comes just days after they headlined the Governors Ball Festival in New York over the weekend. While thousands of fans showed up to enjoy the singer's performance — which included a cover of the recently viral 1985 single, "Running Up That Hill" by Kate Bush — Halsey revealed there's one person who isn't so fond of her music when chatting with Jimmy Fallon during an appearance on The Tonight Show.

When asked if their son Ender enjoys their singing, Halsey replied, "No, he hates it. No, he's my biggest critic." They added, "It's funny. My mom: She can't carry a tune in a bucket. It's really bad, and when she sings, his eyes light up like she's the stars and the moon, but when I sing, he's not a fan. Not a fan.

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