Halle's A-Z: We asked, and boy did she answer...

Halle Berry
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Halle's A-Z: We asked, and boy did she answer...

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Hidden Talents

Halle Berry
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"I can play the flute! I played in high school. I also paint-so, mixed media."

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Halle Berry
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"A lock of my mother's hair from her first haircut, when she was a little girl. I've placed it in a piece of art called Angel Hair. It's her hair in a frame with hair pins and a net. It looks sort of lyrical."

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Nude Scenes

Halle Berry
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"I did one and I'd do more, if it was instrumental in bringing the character to life. I'm really comfortable with my body."

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Quitting Bad Habits

Halle Berry
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"When I got pregnant, I stopped drinking diet soda because of the caffeine and aspartame."

See more of Halle's chic pregnancy style.

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Halle Berry
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"'Isn't She Lovely' by Stevie Wonder has been playing a lot in our house. And for some reason, that song keeps coming up on my iPod too-even though it's on shuffle. We're like, 'It's a sign! It's a girl!'"

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Halle Berry

"The best trip I ever took was traveling around the country through all 50 states when I was Miss Teen All-American. I was 17, and it was such an education to be able to experience the people, the food and the vibe of each state. The Southern states had the best food… everything fried!"

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Ultimate Indulgence

Halle Berry

"To be left alone and not followed around! Where nobody saw what I was wearing, and I could be free of anyone noticing me."

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Halle Berry
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"I wear a lot of Versace. The designs allow a woman to look sexy without feeling trashy. Versace knows how to push that limit right up to the edge."

At left: Halle dons a daring Versace dress at the London Film Festival.

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Halle Berry

"If I could have a superpower, like the X-Men, it would be teleporting. One day I'd be in L.A., then, all of a sudden, I'd be in Rome. Or I'd love to go to five different countries in a day. That would be fantastic."

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Zen Moment

Halle Berry

"I used to relax with a glass of wine. Now a good massage goes a long way to help me de-stress and detox."

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