Halle Berry Says Her Plunging Sequin Jumpsuit Is Perfect and We Agree

Nobody tell Harry Styles.

Halle Berry Instagram plunging silver jumpsuit
Photo: Instagram/HalleBerry

While the image of Harry Styles wearing a Gucci jumpsuit covered from top to bottom in reflective sequins is still seared into our collective memories, Halle Berry is here to show us that there's a place for disco away from the spotlight (and dusty crowds) of Coachella. In her latest Instagram post, the actress showed off what she called a "perfect" jumpsuit. What made the piece so flawless? Well, it had a deep-V plunging neckline, similar allover shimmer to Styles's show-stopping stage number, and a one-two punch of long, fitted sleeves and flowing, flared pants.

Berry added a blingy cross necklace to her outfit, which she modeled with crashing waves in the background. She pulled her signature short coif back off her face to show off gold Mara Paris hoop earrings and the finishing touch was a few gold rings from Pasquale Bruni that echoed the round shapes of the sequins in her one-piece.

"Life ain't always perfect but this damn jumpsuit is," she wrote alongside the photos. She also tagged her entire glam squad in the images, from her stylist Lindsay Flores to her go-to makeup artist Jorge Monroy and hairstylist Sara Seward.

Berry's outfit post comes as her 2013 filmThe Call managed to hit no. 1 on Netflix a few weeks ago. In the flick, which also stars Abigail Breslin, she plays a 9-1-1 operator. Berry didn't quite understand why, but she went along with it. Some fans credited her over-the-top wig, which she wore because studio execs told her she'd never work if she cut off her hair.

Her hair's still short, she's been living her best life and, if perfect jumpsuits are any indication, she's not really worried about what people think about what she should and shouldn't do about, well, anything.

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