Halle Berry's Oscars Bob Was a Fake Out

She was back on Instagram with long, wavy hair.

When Halle Berry arrived at the Oscars with a brand-new short, sharp hairstyle (not a standard bob, not yet her OG pixie), the world zoomed and zoomed to figure out whether she had really chopped off her hair and gotten bangs or was wearing a wig. It didn't help that pre-Oscars, she shared a photo of long hair on the floor. Today, however, Berry confirmed that it was just a temporary style, sharing a snapshot on Instagram with her long, flowing locks intact.

"Oscar bob ... just kidding," she wrote, adding a laughing emoji.

The comments ranged from "Don't ever do that again" to "Of course! I didn't believe it for a second!" So, no matter what anyone thought of the Oscar look, it certainly stole the spotlight and got people talking (and making memes).

Of course, Berry was in on all the jokes.

In addition to showing off her faux bob, Berry used the Oscars as an opportunity to show off her beau, Van Jones. The two have been dating for one year and frequently feature on each others' social media feeds.

"I'm a rookie," Jones told E! News's Giuliana Rancic during E!'s Live From the Red Carpet. "So she is showing me all the details."

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