Halle Berry Drinking Champagne and Listening to Her Boyfriend's Record on the Floor Is a Mood

I can't tell if I'm jealous or in awe.

Halle Berry, a.k.a the queen of Instagram, has just posted another totally aspirational photo to her grid. On Tuesday, the Catwoman actress posted a picture that shows her sitting on the ground with a glass of champagne in her hand while listening to her boyfriend Van Hunt's record on a turntable (which is totally couple goals).

In the totally enviable photo, Berry wore short shorts that she paired with a black and gray tie-dye cardigan, wearing a black top underneath. The former Bond girl wore her dark hair down around her shoulders with loose waves.

In one hand, the actress held a champagne flute, the other hand was positioning the teal turntable's arm. On the floor next to the record player, was the record sleeve of Hunt's 2015 album "The Fun Rises The Fun Sets." She captioned the post, "a woman never changes, her desire only ranges," lyrics from Hunt's song "A Woman Never Changes" from that album.

Halle Berry and Van Hunt
Getty Images

This isn't the first time she's given her boyfriend's music some love on Instagram. For Valentine's Day this year, Berry shared a cute video of the two dancing in only their underwear to his song "Being a Girl." She wore heart-printed high-waisted briefs while he wore black boxers.

In May, Berry talked to Essence about the drawbacks of posting her private life to social media, like hurtful comments and trolls.

"The thing I hate, and this will never stop, I know because it's the nature of the world, but I really hate the negativity that gets on there," she told the publication. "I just really want to like, slap these trolls because it really is damaging to people."

But she went on to also highlight a positive aspect from social media. "I can say what I want to say about what I want to talk about. It can be in my voice and my words," she said. "For a long time I felt that the story that was perpetuated about me just wasn't true but it was editorialized by people and it was out of my control. Now I get to control and show different sides of myself. I really love that."

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