Halle Berry Feels "A Little Bit Guilty" When She Tries to Balance Work and Motherhood

Halle Berry has a lot on her plate.

In addition to raising her 9-year-old daughter Nahla Ariela and 3-year-old son Maceo-Robert, the actress has gone on two press tours for her upcoming movies Kidnap and Kingsman: The Golden Circle in the last month alone—while also judging The Final Pitch for The Venture.

That's a lot for one person to take on, and Berry admits that finding happy mediums isn't always easy.

“You don’t ever balance it completely,” she told People. “It’s a constant struggle of a little more time there, a little more time here, and feeling a little bit guilty all the time.”

Halle Berry/Instagram

“I just keep telling all my mom friends who work that it’s ok to give ourselves a little slack sometime and not let the guilt sit on us so heavily," she said. "I know that we are doing the best we can."

That's certainly a good mantra, but Berry backed it up by reaffirming how important it is to be kind to yourself if you're trying to achieve that balance.

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“Having careers and being fulfilled that way makes us better mothers,” she said. “It makes us better able to operate in our careers with a sense of compassion and empathy that make us better businesswoman. We have to have them both and we have to keep trying to figure it out. And we get it wrong sometimes. And guess what, that is okay too.”

Wise words from a wise woman!

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