EXCLUSIVE: Hailey Bieber Shows Off Silky Lingerie Sets as the Newest Member of Victoria's Secret's VS Collective

InStyle spoke to the model about this new partnership, as well as her holiday plans and winter outfit ideas.

Hailey Bieber Victoria's Secret Campaign
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If we're being honest, something we're looking forward to this holiday season is sitting at home in our underwear — our 100% silk, Victoria's Secret underwear, that is, something that clearly has Hailey Bieber's stamp of approval. The model was just announced as the newest member of Victoria's Secret's VS Collective, an initiative that replaced the traditional Angels with a diverse, powerful, and inspiring group of women, such as Megan Rapinoe and Priyanka Chopra. For her first order of business, Bieber is starring in a campaign that features four-piece lingerie sets, which include a wireless unlined plunge bralette, cheeky panties, a robe, and an eye mask.

"We are so thrilled to be welcoming Hailey to this dynamic group of women," Janie Schaffer, Victoria's Secret Lingerie's chief design officer, said in a statement. "Her authenticity and commitment to staying true to herself is inspiring. We so look forward to partnering with her in our endeavor to connect with all women and drive positive change."

Hailey Bieber Victoria's Secret Campaign

The pieces Bieber wears in the photos are no doubt sexy, with bits of lace and even some leopard print, but between the soft material and non-restrictive design, they look comfy as hell, too. The model herself is also confirming our assumptions. Ahead, she shares a bit more about the photo shoot, why these sets make the perfect gift, and even describes her perfect holiday outfit.

What does it mean to you to partner with Victoria's Secret?

"I'm really excited and honored to join the VS Collective. It's been great to be a part of an incredible group of women helping to drive the future of the brand while they continue to champion all women."

What was it like shooting this collection?

"It was such a great experience, and I love how the campaign turned out. If there's one thing about being on set with Victoria's Secret, it's that you're always treated like family. The team makes everything fun, and it felt like such a collaboration with everyone to help bring these pieces I really love to life."

Hailey Bieber Victoria's Secret Campaign

What are details you look for when choosing lingerie?

"I think comfort and fit are key. It's why I ultimately love this Silk Collection so much — the stretch silk on the bra and panty give a really good shape, and they're so soft and sleek. I think when you feel comfortable and good in something, it shows in how you carry yourself and gives you a natural confidence boost."

Why would this silk box set make the perfect gift?

"I love that it's already a perfectly curated set. You get a bra, panty, robe, and sleep mask that all match and look chic when put altogether. It's also already pre-packed in a really beautiful, elevated box."

Hailey Bieber Victoria's Secret Campaign

Are you excited for the holidays? What is your favorite part about the holiday season?

"I absolutely love the holidays! It's when I really focus on spending time with the people I love and celebrating or creating traditions. It's also such an important time to be thoughtful and giving. My favorite part about the holiday season is getting everyone together and eating delicious food and spending time with the people I love."

Are you the type of person who likes to stay at home, or do you enjoy going out during the winter months? What are your plans looking like this year?

"I'm a bit of both! I love to spend time cozied up inside with loved ones, but also enjoy traveling and spending time out in the cold weather. This year, I'm going to be doing a bit of traveling, but I'm also looking forward to getting rest and just being at home."

Hailey Bieber Victoria's Secret Campaign

Have any tips for putting together the perfect holiday outfit? What do you enjoy wearing for holiday celebrations?

"For the holidays, I think you first need to know what mood you want to go for. Are you spending the night in? Toss on this Silk Collection set and treat yourself to the ultimate girl's night. Going out? I think the holidays are a time to have some fun with your wardrobe and there's never enough sparkle. You can be adventurous and do a corset top with leather pants and an incredible coat, or a glittering cocktail dress. Don't be afraid to play with proportions and cutouts, either — as long as you feel confident, it'll radiate."

"Right now, I love an interesting silhouette or detailing that's unexpected. A classic LBD with a unique neckline or something with a great cutout or shape. Metallics and beading are always perfect for this time of year, too!"

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