Hailey Bieber On Her Favorite $75 Sneakers, Fall Fashion, and the Perfect Date Night Outfit

The model appears in Superga's new campaign, and shares some of her best fall fashion tips with InStyle.

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Life is full of little surprises, and as fashion lovers, some of our favorites involve price tags. Like when a celebrity whose style we admire wears something that we, too, can shop without going into debt — a tiny cardigan, a pair of hoops, or, of course, some versatile sneakers.

Hailey Bieber is one fashion icon who loves a high-low mix. While she and her stylist, Maeve Reilly, don't exactly shy away from investment pieces, the model (and A+ YouTuber) also enjoys kicking back in a $75 pair of Superga sneakers.

So, it definitely makes sense that the brand would want to partner with her for its latest campaign, which shows Bieber wearing multiple must-have pairs (including some boots!) while posing on the beach.


"They're so easy and so comfortable, and all those good things," Bieber tells InStyle exclusively over the phone, getting real about her love for the brand. "I like to align myself with brands that I would actually wear and that I actually really enjoy, and that I feel represent me in a way. Superga is just super classic and timeless. You can wear it forever and ever and ever. It doesn't ever go out of style, and I love that about them."

She's also well aware that we, her fans without celebrity budgets, enjoy shopping her outfits, so the fact that these versatile sneakers are slightly more attainable is like the cherry on top.

"If there are people who see what I wear and there's a piece of it that they feel like they can also afford and it doesn't feel out of reach for them, then I love that."

Ahead, Bieber shares some Superga styling tips, which fall staples she keeps in her closet year after year, and her method for finding the perfect date night outfit.

There's a lot of white shoes in this campaign. Do you usually gravitate towards white sneakers?

"More so than any other color, yeah. I just feel clean white is super just classic. More times than not, I feel like that is what I go for with a pair of sneakers.

Alternatively, do you have any tips for pulling off colorful sneakers?

"Yeah, I mean, I also really love colorful sneakers! I love adding colorful sneakers to maybe an all-black outfit or an outfit that is very tonal, so then a pop of color brings a different element to it. I'm always open to exploring different things. I feel like I explore with sneakers a lot. I think it's really fun to be able to explore with footwear specifically."

You're wearing some cute Superga boots in these photos. Are you a year-round boots wearer?

"I wouldn't say I'm a year-round boots wearer, but I would say when the season comes for a boot, I'm definitely down for a good rain boot. I'm from the east coast where it rains and it gets cold, and my husband's from Canada, where it gets even colder, and also gloomy and rainy. So I think a classic pair of rain boots are very essential."

How would you wear a rain boot to make it cute?

"I think in terms of a fall vibe, I would do a pair of baggy jeans rolled up, the rain boots, and a big chunky knit sweater. That's kind of how I envision a rain boot situation."

It's almost fall. Do you have any favorite seasonal staples that you find yourself gravitating toward year after year?

"I'm like, so big on a big chunky jacket or a big chunky coat. I feel like if you know anything about my style, you know that I'm always in the most absurd oversized stuff because I just find it very comfortable and it feels like me. So I always think for the fall, a really great oversized blazer, a really great chunky knit sweater, a great coat. I feel like those three things are always super, super in my rotation."

Hailey Bieber
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Do you have any tips for how to style a chunky coat?

"I'd say with a chunky coat, for me, it's not going too, too chunky underneath. So maybe a more fitted little sweater or a thinner cardigan with a thermal underneath, a good pair of jeans, and a boot or a sneaker. I'm always exploring what kind of clothes work under things and layering, and I think you just have to see what works best on your body type and your height. I always put all those things into my mind and then factor in my height. If something is too long on me, does it make me look short? I'm crazy about those kinds of things, so I'm always looking at dimensions of clothes and how they layer together."

You have some really great date night style. Could describe your perfect going-out, date night look?

"I think it depends on where you're going. If I was going to maybe a fancier restaurant or a fancier dinner, I might dress up a little bit more. I would maybe do a little dress with heels, or a fun skirt and a blazer with heels. But if we're going somewhere that's a bit more casual — for example, we had date night the other night and I wore a fun baggy pair of pants with a bucket hat and a T-shirt and jeans. Because to me, I always feel like the most beautiful or sexiest when I'm just comfortable and feel like myself. So that always depends on what my mood is that day."

"If I'm feeling like it's a little black dress moment, then that's what I'm going to go for. If I'm feeling like it's a baggy jeans with heels and a blazer moment, that's what I'm going to go for. So it really depends on my mood. And I think that whatever makes you feel the most beautiful and comfortable is the best thing to go for on a date night because then you can just feel like yourself and be yourself. That's the best thing when you're dating someone, or married or engaged or whatever."

Hailey Bieber
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We look for you for style inspiration, but where do you personally get your inspiration from? Are you into a specific 'aesthetic' right now?

"I definitely find inspiration a lot through Pinterest. And when I'm kind of upping or changing my aesthetic for any reason, I find different ideas and different pieces that I wouldn't normally gravitate towards on Pinterest. The aesthetic that I'm into right now is kind of this classic, simple '90s — a good pair of jeans, a good blazer, and baseball hat. I kind of just feel very chill right now, but I'm always trying to make sure that the pieces I'm incorporating are still super chic."

"I think my style in different places is different as well. In LA, I think I feel more relaxed because I live here most of the time. Whereas, for example, when I go back to New York or if I'm going to London, I'll kind of want to switch it up and do something different. So I do think what I want to wear changes with where I am if that makes sense."

You can shop your own Hailey-approved Superga shoes at superga.com.

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