Hailey Bieber Wore the Coziest Super-Short Romper

Bonus points for her bucket hat.

Sunshine, peace, and quiet. It's what Hailey Bieber's latest Instagram post is beaming — and she's got the coziest-looking knit romper to go with the whole mood. In the post, she's brandishing a mug emblazoned with "peace & quiet," all while soaking up the sun. To top off the look, she added a very on-trend (and on-brand) Jacquemus bucket hat, keeping the sun's rays at bay in the best way.

Bieber looks to be wearing a Jacquemus playsuit, which features body-sculpting seams. It's probably meant to be worn under other things, but Bieber's take on underwear as outdoor wear looks like just the thing to enjoy the first few days of spring. The photos also show off her engagement ring, her hand tattoos, and nonchalance that only comes with being a model off duty.

The new snapshots don't show her latest tattoo, however, a tiny peach (courtesy of her go-to artist Dr. Woo) on her inner arm that happens to match Justin Bieber's. He opted to add the peach to his neck. She shared a close-up of the new addition on her Story just in time to celebrate her husband's latest single, "Peaches."

Hailey Bieber Tattoo IG Story
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