Hailey Bieber Paired Her Hot Pink Corset Dress With the Most Unexpected Shoe

Is this the apex of Barbiecore?

Hailey Bieber Instagram Versace Pink dress
Photo: Instagram/HaileyBieber

By now, it's almost easier to list who hasn't chosen to wear hot pink than to list all the celebrities that have. Today, Hailey Bieber joined the ranks of Barbie herself, Khloé Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and countless others. In a new Instagram carousel, Bieber posed wearing a Versace minidress in the retina-searing hue. Complete with the storied Italian fashion house's medusa medallion details and BDSM-meets-boudoir straps and body contouring, the dress gave the usually saccharine color a jolt of sex appeal, especially considering just how short the hemline is.

And while Bieber wouldn't have raised any eyebrows if she paired the dress with a pump or strappy sandal, her stylist Karla Welch (tagged in the photos, of course) opted to ground the look with a chunky white platform go-go boot by Naked Wolfe. The unexpected choice gave the dress a cool twist, especially when Bieber's followers swiped to see the addition of a stack of chunky mixed-metal necklaces and her tousled brown hair. Other photos in the carousel offered closer looks at Bieber's soft pink eyeshadow and deep rosy lip color.

The hot pink look is in stark contrast to an outfit post yesterday, which included a tiny blue bathing suit. It was the perfect opportunity for Bieber to show off her signature glowy skin, which, in turn, was a chance for her to promote her new skincare line, Rhode. Earlier this month, Bieber released her highly anticipated skincare brand. During its development, Bieber explained that she took "a 14-day online course" in dermatology and enlisted her friends and family to test the products before they were released to the masses.

"I had a lot of friends and family members test it, and I was always the one testing [products] from the very beginning. So with the Barrier Restore Cream, we reformulated it 16 times, and I actually really enjoyed that process because you really get to dive into the ingredient world and say, 'OK, this didn't work for me. Let's take this out. Let's add this. Can we bump up the percentage of this by this amount?'" she said. "I didn't have any crazy stories or anything crazy happen in the testing process, I was just giving it to people and receiving their feedback and trying to make any adjustments based on certain feedback."

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