Hailey Bieber Wants to Channel Minnie Mouse Post-Quarantine

Yes, even the yellow heels.

Hailey Bieber is ready to get out of her sweatpants. Like the rest of the world, she's endured a year of comfy, cozy fits, but in a conversation at Create and Cultivate — officially the Polka Dot Summit 2.0 to celebrate Minnie Mouse — a conference for women looking to jumpstart their entrepreneurial spirit, Bieber said that she's ready to take inspiration from Minnie, one of her favorite style icons, post-pandemic.

"In quarantine, I was in sweatpants and T-shirts, as I'm sure all of us were, so when we started to go out more, I felt like I was really excited to elevate everything, since I hadn't been able to dress up or do anything fun in a long time," she said.

For Bieber, dressing up doesn't mean giving up being comfortable, something she stylist Maeve Reilly, who was also at the event, brought up when asked about style and how it changes.

"Style is constantly evolving, but in the upcoming year, I think style is going to be all about elevated comfort," Reilly said. "Minnie is so inspiring because she is unapologetically herself, and that shows through her style. She reminds me to stay true to myself and wear what I want!"

Hailey Bieber

"To be honest, my style, in general, has changed so much year after year, because life, I guess. I would say that I experience new things and I'm inspired by meeting new people," Bieber said of her own style evolution. "I see something new and so my style is always evolving and continues to evolve."

And as for Minnie Mouse, Bieber said that she identifies with the character's singular style. Anyone can recognize her thanks to her iconic polka dots, her yellow shoes, and her signature bow. It's that style, Bieber notes, that makes her so inspirational.

"I think the way that I identify with Minnie Mouse the most is that I love to express myself through my style and make my style unique to me," Bieber said. "It's what Minnie has done with her style, with her polka dots and yellow shoes. You identify Minnie Mouse with her style."

Bieber's hoping that she'll reach that with her go-to: coats. Scroll through street style snaps and you'll see Bieber's vast collection of outerwear, something she says is her signature.

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"I'm such a coat person. Having a big, black oversized coat is something I've always gone back to — and a really good blazer," she said. "People know I'm very into my blazers and it's a good staple because I'm a jacket person. I love coats and jackets. It's always a good coat or good jackets."

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