Hailey Baldwin Is Limiting Her Social Media Time

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Even major models need a social media detox sometimes. That's the case for 20-year-old beauty Hailey Baldwin who most recently revealed to the Australian news publication, The Sun Herald that she deleted her social media apps because they were too distracting. "I was getting so sucked into watching and reading things I just didn't want to know," she said in reference to popular social media apps and how toxic they can be. She felt especially so when the model dated Justin Bieber. She was heavily bullied via social media by Beliebers.

Now Baldwin's Twitter and reactivated Facebook accounts are managed by an assistant who posts messages, "if I feel like there is something I want to tweet," the model said. However, Baldwin has decided to keep and run her own Instagram account which is great news for fans who enjoy her sweet and sassy content.

The bronde model most recently posted a silly TBT of herself as a little girl with a bowl cut and a pink barrette and captioned it, "young savage why u trappin so hard?"

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She also poked fun at her last meal in Australia. "Dipping outta Australia like...#essentials" while holding a hash brown in one hand and a McFlurry in the other. That's so #relatable.

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VIDEO: Hailey Baldwin's Best Instagrams

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