Hailey Baldwin Ice cream Lead
Credit: Scott Gries/ AP

If you follow Hailey Baldwin on Snapchat, you're well aware of how impossibly cool and down-to-earth she is (you know, for a professional beautiful person). So it makes sense that she wouldn't claim to be one of those models who pretends to gorge on ice cream and still maintain a flawless figure. "I won't lie, I don't eat it often, but I have a sweet tooth for sure," she told InStyle at Wednesday night's opening of MAGNUM New York—the U.K. ice cream brand's first-ever storefront in the states. "It's definitely a guilty pleasure."

And when it comes to those few-and-far-between indulgences, Baldwin doesn't mess around. Case in point: To inaugurate the brand's customizable ice cream bar, which features 20 exotic toppings, from rose petals to gold flakes, she made an elaborate creation, dipped—not once, but twice—in white chocolate ("The more chocolate the better, I say!" she added) and topped with cornflower, sunflower seeds, coconut flakes, and MAGNUM's trademark seal (chocolate-covered, of course). Epic cheat day, indeed.

MAGNUM New York, 134 Prince Street, New York, N.Y. 10012; (646) 395-7463;