Hailey and Justin Are More Astrologically Compatible Than You Might Think

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At this point, do Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin — otherwise known as The Biebers — really need an introduction? Justin has been in the spotlight since his teens, when he made a name for himself with his angelic voice and swoopy hair. Since then, he’s cemented himself in pop music history, in equal parts for said angelic pipes and for his unique style and aesthetic —remember when he bestowed the music video for “Sorry” upon us mere mortals?

Hailey, on the other hand, has had celebrity-level name recognition since she was born. Even though she wouldn’t call herself a “supermodel,” she could very well be on her way toward leaving as much of a mark on the fashion industry as Bieber has left on the music business.

As much as we know about these two as individuals, it’s them as a duo that has captured the public’s attention. With a Vogue cover, a shared sense of faith, and roughly a decade-long connection already under their belts, Bieber and Baldwin have proven themselves to be masters of their outward facing image. But, upon looking over their respective astrological identities, it appears that their love is much more than a manicured excuse for a photo op.

Her Sign

Baldwin was born on November 22, 1996, just as Sagittarius season was starting to kick off. The sign of the Archer is best known for its adventurous spirit — whether that manifests itself in a passion for travel or bold sense of style depends on the Sag in question. In Baldwin’s case, we’d say she shows her Sagittarian stripes in both of these areas, as she trots the globe while wearing some of the finest fashions out there.

As bold and bubbly as Baldwin may seem, she also exhibits her sign’s quieter side. In the couple’s Vogue cover story, Baldwin’s friends described her as “secure, steady, and strong,” which might not seem in line with her fiery sign, but that characterization is a reminder that Sags aren’t just boisterous, enthusiastic minglers. With a sign this confident, it’s easy to overlook that quite a few of them are pretty darn thoughtful.

His Sign

It may come as a surprise to remember just how young Bieber is — he’ll turn 25 on March 1 — considering how long it feels like we’ve known him. Obviously, that’s due in part for how long he’s been famous, but it’s also thanks to his zodiac sign, Pisces. This water sign is famously open, warm, and sensitive. That doesn’t mean that Pisces people are the easiest to read, but they’re always fully themselves — they’re not huge fans of playing games.

Some of you might roll your eyes at that last bit, at least as it pertains to Bieber, but throughout his career he’s maintained a sort of vulnerability that could only belong to a Pisces. The perils of fame may have nudged him to act closed off or insincere at times, but, when it comes to those he’s closest to, he stays true to his sign’s empathetic and emotionally attuned reputation.

Their Relationship

It’s tempting to dismiss the Biebers’ relationship as yet another whirlwind romance between two young, naive lovers — but the stars would suggest that their bond runs much deeper than that. Their sun signs form an astrological angle known as a square, which is commonly associated with challenges, conflict, and excess energy. Sure, on one hand this could mean that they still have a lot to learn about relationships (like any young couple) and may end up butting heads more often than most.

But, on the other hand, this dynamic could also suggest that Bieber and Baldwin will grow to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses — and, in turn, become a stronger team as they survive the trials of marriage. That doesn’t mean they won’t butt heads, of course, but if they take the time to understand what they each need during difficult times, they stand a chance at avoiding too many capital-F Fights. It’s little wonder, then, that Baldwin told Vogue that her words to live by are, “We wouldn't appreciate the good days without the bad ones.”

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If that's not love, we don't know what is.

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