By Camryn Rabideau
Updated Sep 18, 2016 @ 3:30 pm
Hailey Baldwin
Credit: Karma Tang/WireImage

Just a few days ago, Hailey Baldwin made a bold beauty statement by bleaching her eyebrows for the Matty Bovan show at London Fashion Week, and her brows can't catch a break, as she quickly dyed them back to their original hue to open the Julien Macdonald show. The 19-year-old model is undeniably dedicated to her work, but the grueling beauty changes are worth it, as she absolutely slayed her latest runway in a glimmering gold dress.

Baldwin opened Julien Macdonald's LFW show in a stunning gold ensemble that featured ample metallic fringe and shimmering sequins. She wore lace-up nude heels with the outfit, and her hair was styled in wet waves. She shared an Instagram picture of the amazing look, writing, "thank u for having me open and close your show @julienmacdonald JulienMacdonaldSS17."

Her eyebrows were notably back to their normal brunette shade, after she bleached them just the day before. The young model took to social media to document the process of lightening her eyebrows—under an Instagram pic, she wrote, "Lol. Only for you @kegrand #bleachedbrows @babbym."

However, she soon reported to fans that, "I got my eyebrows back"—just in time to own the next runway.