"She's a beauty queen."

By Isabel Jones
Sep 23, 2020 @ 10:09 am

Awaiting the day Gwyneth Paltrow’s pale pink Ralph Lauren Oscars gown returns to the red carpet? Well, Apple Martin might just carry the iconic dress into the 2020s.

In a recent interview with People, Paltrow revealed that she’s kept all of her red carpet looks to pass down to her 16-year-old. “She loves to play in my closet,” the Goop founder shared. “I have saved everything for her since 15 years before I had her. I save everything. Not everything, but every red carpet look I have saved for her.”

I’ve never wished I could be 16 again, but free rein of Paltrow’s closet seems like a worthy trade for crippling insecurity and cafeteria politics.

The actress described her and Chris Martin’s first born as “glamorous in a way that I’m not.”

“She's very, very into makeup, which I'm not,” Paltrow told the outlet. “She knows how to do it perfect winged eyeliner. She gave herself acrylic nails. She's a beauty queen.”

Paltrow and her ex-husband also share a 14-year-old son named Moses.