Gwyneth Paltrow and Apple Martin Look Like Twins In Their Most Recent Selfie

Good genes ahead.

Fresh from a sweet 16 birthday celebration, Apple Martin and her mother, Gwyneth Paltrow, seem to be taking things easy — very easy. Yesterday, Paltrow posted a snapshot to her Instagram feed showing a lazy day of lounging and soaking up the sun. In addition to inducing some quarantine jealousy — not everyone has access to abundant sunshine and what appears to be a crisp, white outdoor bed — Paltrow's followers noticed just how alike mom and daughter looked. It's not the first time its happened, but there's no doubt that fans can't get enough of the twinning.

"She's the head off you. Like seeing double," a commenter wrote. Another simply stated, "Gorgeous! Gwen, I think you have a twin!" A third wrote, "T W I N S" and added a row of red rose emoji.

Back in March 2019, Paltrow posted a similar photo, though the setting was a little different. Swap out the sun for snow and add a huge ski mask to Apple and you've got a mommy-and-me moment that's not so much summer and much more ski getaway.

While Paltrow has kept her kiddos off her social feeds for most of their lives, she has been sharing more and more as the kids get older. In addition to sharing her Sunday hang with Apple and her birthday festivities, Paltrow shared her son Moses's drive-by party, too.

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