Gwyneth Paltrow Shared New Photos of Her Kids and Very Famous Friends

What, your 2021 roundup doesn't include a cameo from Cameron Diaz?

Celebrities aren't just like us, even though they're spotted getting groceries and iced coffee every day. Gwyneth Paltrow proved that with her 2021 roundup post, which featured her friends, a beloved dim sum spot, and, oh yeah, the fact that she's Gwyneth Paltrow. The actor's latest Instagram carousel showcases her favorite moments from the past year, including never-before-seen photos of her kids, Moses and Apple, as well as her husband, Brad Falchuk, and her ex, Chris Martin. Conscious uncoupling always did look great on goop.

Paltrow's gallery also included Cameron Diaz and a shot of Apple hugging her grandmother, Blythe Danner.

"The best parts of 2021; loving my friends with all my heart, the noodle donut at @lunasia.dimsum, being married to my guy, getting to travel a bit, and being a mom and stepmom to four incredible people I love deeply," Paltrow captioned the images. "I wish you all love and joy and abundance and great things this year!"

Before the holidays, Paltrow shared her traditions with People, and while selling a vagina-scented candle may seem out-there to some, her Christmas traditions are actually quite relatable.

"We always listen to the Frank Sinatra Christmas album and I cook the same thing — roast turkey, creamed spinach, mashed potatoes, and my grandmother's stuffing," she said. "Although this year, Brad was like, 'Does anyone really like turkey?' So I might make something else in addition!"

And while her picture-perfect life may seem unattainable for mere mortals, she added that while everyone was having a hard time coping with COVID, lockdowns, and quarantines, she was struggling, too. But instead of wallowing in it, she said she took the time to focus on growth.

"It was a hard year to run a business, but it was also a clarifying year and a lot of lessons came from it," she said. "What's crystallized for me is how tumultuousness is just a part of life. We have this tendency to be like, 'Why are things so hard?' But there are also amazing and happy and wonderful things happening. There is so much space for growth. To be human is to live in this messy gray area — and it's beautiful."

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