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Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle brand has teamed up with Nordstrom to bring a ton of Goop goodies to its stores via Pop-In@Nordstrom.

Goop-In@Nordstrom will feature wellness-focused products curated by Paltrow's team, including apparel, accessories, beauty, and home. Customers will be privy to Goop's luxury skincare lines and hand-picked items from the brand's digital shop, like the goop Medicine Bag ($85) and Hemsley & Hemsley Spiralizer, ($65).

Each shop will be merchandised as an enclosed living space and will translate Goop's holistic approach to wellness into a tangible experience, with "products mostly fitting into one of three categories: what we put on our bodies, what we put in our bodies, and how we treat our bodies," Goop announced in a statement.

The collaboration marks the first time Goop has worked with a major retailer in this capacity, and also the first time the brand will have a concurrent retail presence in multiple markets at once.

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"We love how Goop has created a lively community around everything from zoodles to Zen," Olivia Kim, Vice President of Creative Projects at Nordstrom, said in a statement. "They have a way of conveying wellness concepts so they are not only easy to understand, but also adopt and make a habit into a ritual. Whether it's through health, fitness, or food, or whatever is manageable through your day, integrating self-care should be easy!"

Paltrow also shared her excitement about the opportunity, adding, "Our pop-ups have been an incredible opportunity to really connect with our readers and shoppers across the country—this partnership with Nordstrom allows us to provide that experience on a heightened level of scale, touching new markets and shoppers in the process."

Goop-In@Nordstrom will run from May 12 to June 25 in select stores, including The Grove in Los Angeles, Calif. and Miracle Mile in Chicago, and online as well.