Green Moms and Kids

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Green Moms and Kids

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Mally Leather Bib

Mally Bibs, bibs, green babies, green kids
Courtesy of Giggle Fish Gifts

Can't picture your baby in leather? Think again! The colorful graphics on Mally leather bibs are kid-friendly and reversible-and the wipe-clean leather surface means your laundry pile will shrink.

Mally leather Caterpillar bib; $30; at

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Green Babies, Sage Moms

Lynda Fassa, Green Babies Sage Moms, books, green babies, green kids
Courtesy of Penguin

Eco-savvy author Lynda Fassa provides simple tips to creating a clean, green environment for your baby.

Green Babies, Sage Moms: The Ultimate Guide to Raising Your Organic Baby, $12; at

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Kee-Ka Organic Blanket

Kee-Ka, organic cotton blanket, organic cotton, blanket, green babies, green kids
Courtesy of Kee-Ka

Forget about muddy colors-this organic-cotton blanket from Kee-Ka combines eye-popping brights with fair-trade practices.

Kee-Ka organic cotton blanket, $35; at

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Happy Green Bee Cardigan

Happy Green Bee, organic cotton, cardigan, baby clothes, green baby clothes, green babies
Courtesy of Happy Green Bee

Bundle up your little one in an organic-cotton cardigan from Happy Green Bee. Recycled buttons allow for quick changes.

Happy Green Bee infant cardigan, $28; at

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Speesees Organics Baby Booties

Speesees, booties, organic cotton booties, organic cotton, green babies, green kids
Courtesy of Nubius Organics

Let little feet fly in colorful organic cotton booties from Speesees Organics-low-impact dyes will keep even the most sensitive skin cozy.

Speesees Organics booties, $12; at

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Natursutten Pacifier

Natursutten, pacifier, natural rubber pacifier, green babies, green kids
Courtesy of Zoe B Organic

Baby loves her binky? Choose a natural rubber pacifier from Natursutten for a safe suck.

Natursutten organic rubber pacifier, $9; at

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Mama Mio Kit

Mama Mio, It's Time, paraben-free, hospital kit, Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Oil, Gravida, green babies, green kids
Courtesy of Due Maternity

Dress up the delivery room with a hospital kit from Mama Mio-includes paraben-free favorites like the Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Oil and a Gravida scented candle.

Mama Mio It's Time kit, $65; at

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The Little Seed Gift Basket

The Little Seed, Los Angeles, baby shop, Soleil Moon Frye, green babies, green shopping, green kids
Time Inc. Digital Studio

The Little Seed, a children's shop in Los Angeles, has sprouted a celebrity fan base because of its environmentally conscious goods-and one of its owners. "The whole thing is eco-friendly and non-toxic for parents," says shopkeeper-and actress-Soleil Moon Frye. "It's a safe haven for parents to come to."

Gift baskets from $100 at; 219 N. Larchmont Blvd., 323-462-4441.

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Green to Grow Bottle

Green to Grow, bottles, polycarbonate-free, baby bottles, green kids, green babies
Courtesy of Green to Grow

Make mealtimes safer with Green to Grow's polycarbonate-free bottles. Added bonus: The fair-trade company donates 1% of its annual profits to green causes.

Green to Grow 5 oz. bottle, $10; at

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