Green Goods

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Green Goods

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Lighten Up Designs Lamp

Lighten Up, Tuxedo Ellipsis lamp, green goods, stars go green

Compact fluorescent bulbs are just one part of the lighting equation-the Tuxedo Ellipsis lamp is hand-produced from clay and coated with a nontoxic glaze.

$340; visit for stores.

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Elezar Clutch

Green Goods, Elezar, Clutch
Devon Jarvis

This sleek accent piece is crisscrossed with biodegradable pleather.

$168; at

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Spiral Foundation Bowl

Spiral Foundation Bowl
Devon Jarvis

Salma Hayek took a shine to this tabletop stunner, which is handcrafted by artisans in Nepal. Woven from discarded food wrappers, the bowl is a chic reworking of waste.

$29; at

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Eco-Ganik Blouse

Green Goods, Eco-Ganik, bamboo, blouse
Devon Jarvis
  • This super-soft woven bambooo line has found a fan in Anne Hathaway.
  • $152; visit for stores.
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TOMS Canvas Flats

TOMS Shoes, Green Goods, Flats
Devon Jarvis

With every purchase, TOMS donates another pair of these natural slip-ons to a child in need.

$44; at

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Further Hand Soap

Further, Hand Soap, Green Goods
Devon Jarvis

Lather up responsibly with a hand cleanser made of reprocessed vegetable oils, captured from L.A. restaurants.

$13; at

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Yellingbo Gold Olive Oil

Yellingbo, Olive Oil, Green Goods
Courtesy of Yellingbo

Martha Stewart uses this flavorful Australian olive oil which comes packaged in a recyclable box.

$73 for 4-liter cask; at

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Woodson & Rummerfield Wallpaper

Woodson & Rummerfield, wallpaper, green goods, stars go green

Conventional paint is second only to cars in emitting volatile organic compounds (V.O.C.s). The solution? Hang Woodson amp Rummerfield's recyclable paper wallcovering decorated with vegetable inks and dyes.

$98/roll; at

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Dayna Decker Diffuser

Dayna Decker, Flora essence diffuser, green goods, stars go green

Looking for an earth-friendly alternative to incense? Try the Flora diffuser, which scents the air with fragrant botanical oils (choose from six).

$80; at

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Sigg Bottle

Sigg, aluminum bottle, green goods
Time Inc. Digital Studio

Thirsting for ways to cut back on plastic waste? Tote beverages as Drew Barrymore does in this reusable Sigg bottle made of light-weight aluminum.

$20-$30; at

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Ducduc Cabana Desk

Ducduc Cabana desk, green goods, stars go green

This beautiful wooden desk of responsibly-harvested hardwood and lacquered nontoxic paint doesn't contribute to the 40 million acres of forest lost every year.

$1,295; at

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Russell and Hazel Binders

Russell and Hazel binders, green goods, stars go green

Roughly 14 million tons of plastic are thrown out in a 12 month cycle. When hunting office or school supplies, forgo the new plastic binders for ones made from recycled materials.

$16; at

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Philippe Starck Recycled Chair

Philippe Starck Emeco Kong armchair, green goods, stars go green

Making new aluminum takes 20 times more energy than reusing existing stores. Philippe Starck's Emeco Kong armchair is crafted from 80 percent recycled metal.

$2,605; at

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Karim Rashid for Umbra Trash Can

Karim Rashid for Umbra trash can, green goods, stars go green

This Garbino trash can by Karim Rashid for Umbra looks good and keeps trash out of landfills. It's made of reprocessed polypropylene.

$7; at

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Nepalese Paper Journals

Nepalese Paper Journals, green goods
Time Inc. Digital Studio

These Nepalese-crafted journals are made of renewable bush bark, not trees.

$14; at

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Camelbak Reusable Bottle

Camelbak, reusable bottle, green goods
Time Inc. Digital Studio

Sip from Camelbak's sporty canteen, free of the potentially hormone-disrupting chemical BPA.

$7; at

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Flower Bud Tulips

Flower Bud, tulips, green goods
Time Inc. Digital Studio

These springy tulips are all green-in a figurative sense. (We swear, you're not color-blind!) They're domestic and Veriflora-certified, which means the flowers are grown using water- and energy-efficient practices.

$81 for 40 stems; at

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Shaklee Cleaning Products

Shaklee, green cleaning, green stars, green products
Time Inc. Digital Studio

They can't leap buildings in a single bound, but these nontoxic Shaklee products are super-powerful when it comes to fighting grime.

Scour Off Heavy-Duty Paste, $9; at

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Cheeky Monkey Jewelry

Cheeky Monkey, jewelry, Green Goods
Time Inc. Digital Studio

Order this recycled silver Emperor Penguin pendant by Cheeky Monkey ($270) and 10 percent of the proceeds will benefit the World Wildlife Fund. Drew Barrymore opted for the recycled gold Polar bear ($520), supporting the World Conservation Union.

$270-$520; at

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Bessence Candles

Bessence Candles
Time Inc. Digital Studio

Each soy wax candle in Sandra Bullock's new Bessence line is hand-poured and packaged in recycled materials. Light up the lead-free wick and enjoy one of four clean-burning fragrant blends: (left to right) Black Cassis, Herbes avec Lagniappe, Midnight Garden, and Wild Bloomers.

$40 each; at

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Ecojot Notepad

Ecojot, notepad, recycled paper, green
Time Inc. Digital Studio

Take note! These pads are made from 100 percent recycled paper and biodegradable ink.

Small, $4 and large, $9; to order call 800-836-6669.

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Forest Choice

Forest Choice, pencils, Forest Stewardship Council, cedar, green
Time Inc. Digital Studio

Doodle, sketch and jot away with colored pencils made of California cedar and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

$2.39/12; at

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Recycled Gold Necklace

Recycled Gold Necklace
Devon Jarvis

It looks new, but this gold design-sported by Sheryl Crow-is made from recycled previous metals. The necklace also gives you a chance to do some good-30 percent of proceeds benefit the Natural Resources Defense Council.

14kt-gold Live Green necklace with tsavorite, Mauri Pioppo, $420; at

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Gorgeously Green

Gorgeously Green, Sophie Uliano, Julia Roberts, green guide, green reads
Peter Wintersteller

This guide by L.A. green guru Sophie Uliano offers planet-friendly tips, like where to find luxe eco-fashion and how to save energy while shopping. Julia Roberts, who penned the foreword, dubs it "a bible of hope and help."

$12; at

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