Giuliana Rancic
Credit: Rob Kim/Getty Images

As football season kicks into full gear and the weather gets colder, supporting your favorite team while being fashionable does get admittedly trickier. Even Giuliana Rancic knows it.

The fashion guru offered her tips for heading into a cold sports season in style, and we're taking notes. InStyle caught up with Rancic, who partnered with the NFL to showcase their stylish fashion and homegating (think tailgating in your living room) collections.

While we're sure going to miss watching Rancic on Fashion Police, if you're feeling the show's void, listen to her best advice for taking your football gear (and winter closet in general) to the next level.

What are your best tricks for looking stylish while repping your team?
I have a lot of pieces from, and there are so many great apparel products, even for kids. So Bill and I have great pieces, Duke has really great pieces, everything from caps to jerseys to cool casual pieces. I went to Equinox on Michigan Avenue the other day while wearing a Bears sweatshirt, which is so cute. It used to be with football apparel it was just a bulky sweatshirt that had your team logo on it, but now, they come up with so many fashionable items but you also show your team pride.

Do you have a favorite?
The one I have, it's so cute, it's a Bears sweatshirt but it's got trim on the waist and also on the cuff. It's kind of a rubbery material. It's a little more fitted, not oversized, so it's really flattering. 5th and Ocean is one of their brands that has super cute women's clothing. You have to check it out.

We love to put [our son] Duke in Bears gear even just for school. Whether he's going to the park or school or a game, we love to outfit him in Bears gear and show off Chicago pride. I think there's nothing cuter than a little kid wearing their favorite team's sweatshirt or T-shirt. He loves it.

Does Duke like sports? How old is he now?
He's 5 now. He just started an afterschool basketball program once a week, and he loves it. He's very focused on his dribbling—he sees how long he can dribble for. He loves basketball and he loves soccer, he loves throwing the football around. He likes sports, but he also loves music. We've probably watched that movie Sing like 50 times, maybe more. He loves the music, and then we'll go downstairs, and in our basement we have a little drum set and a karaoke machine, and we put on concerts for Bill. He plays drums and we both sing, he has a mic set up at his drums. It's hilarious. Yeah, we've performed the songs from the movie for Bill.

He puts on concerts?!
I know, it's the cutest thing. He actually has really good taste in music. He loves everything from Johnny Cash to John Denver to Bob Marley to The Beatles. Today in the car actually, we were singing a couple Beatles songs.

It sounds like he's got sophisticated taste.
Probably a lot of people don't know this about me, but music's a big part of my life. I always have music on. I love singing—I'm not a great singer, but I love singing. I'm always singing to Duke, so he's seen it since he was a baby. He and I definitely have that in common.

What's your go-to cold weather fashion item when you're in a hurry?
I was wearing a puffer coat, and I have a line for HSN, so I've been wearing the samples. I have gold and silver metallic puffer jackets. They're so eye-catching, you get so many compliments. When the weather's drab, it's nice to have something that's bold and makes a statement.

I love embroidery, it's a trend right now, and I love incorporating it into my outfits. I love leggings with embroidery down the side, which are really neat.

You can never go wrong with a great moto jacket, with hoodies underneath, so it'll be a nice black moto jacket with a very casual, sporty hoodie underneath with a big hood coming out of the back. I think that's a cool look. I can start the day going to the gym in that with leggings on and then transition into nighttime with denim or boots. I have one area of my closet that's just moto jackets. Like literally one door that opens and it's all moto jackets, because I feel like they're easy and I can wear them throughout the day and pair them with anything.

What's your favorite football season tradition?
I just love the idea of homegating, because obviously everyone's familiar with tailgating, but bringing the rituals of tailgating into your home is awesome. Bill and I love entertaining friends at our house for the big games and whenever the Bears are playing, we always have a get together at our house, and we have a lot of items from the homegating collection from glass wear to serving platters to the most comfortable blanket with your team logo on it.

A lot of these items make for great gifts. I feel like when you're shopping for your husband or a friend or your dad, it's really hard to get them gifts that aren't socks or ties or a sweater, and what's nice about this is whatever team they're a fan of, you can get a blanket or an area rug or even Moscow mule mugs. They're great gifts, but they're also fun to have at your house.