By Rita Kokshanian
Updated Apr 27, 2016 @ 2:00 pm
Credit: Andrew H. Walker/WireImage

Gisele Bündchen is a busy lady. In addition to being the world's highest paid supermodel, she's also a mother of three and a wife. So, how does she find time to fit it all in? While it isn't easy, Bündchen says it's all about being present.

"When I am doing activities with Tom or the kids, surfing, riding horses, kayaking or playing ball, I try to really be present and enjoy it," Bündchen says in the new issue of People. "The quality of time I get to spend with my family is very important. That way I feel I am experiencing all the different aspects of my life without guilt."

When it comes to making sure she has enough time for everyone in her life, the Brazilian beauty relies on calendars. "For me, making schedules are critical to make sure we attend to all the needs of the kids and our family," she says.

And as far as that whole retiring from modeling thing goes, the 21-year veteran says that she's not done with the industry—she's just becoming more picky. "I am not retiring," she says. "I am just emptying my glass so I can fill it with things that are more aligned with who I am today." Head over to to read the rest of her enlightening interview.