Gina Rodriguez
Credit: Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Gina Rodriguez's goddaughter just touched her heart with one adorable photo, and there's a chance it will touch yours, too.

In the snap, the Jane the Virgin star posted on Instagram Thursday, the curly-haired tot sits closely to the May issue of Women's Health magazine in a store, and points to Rodriguez on the cover. "My one year old godchild seeing Titi Gina at the store. She pointed! Look at that, my heart melts to putty," Rodriguez captioned the shot.

Prior to that precious post, the actress celebrated her cover with an inspirational message to fans on the social media site, writing, "Today, is a pretty special day for me. Doing the cover of Women's Health Magazine was monumental to me as growing up it wasn't often a curvy girl or a women of color, graced the cover of magazines I loved. My curves are healthy and strong and I work hard to feel good in my skin, I work hard to combat the images that make me go inward and destroy my self acceptance/confidence. No longer will I allow those lies to win. Beauty belongs to everyone. This cover was a triumph for me and I hope women out there, of all body types and cultures know when I stand on that cover, I do not stand there alone, I stand there with each and every one of you."

Rodriguez's motivational mantras are just one more reason her fan base keeps building and why she continues to take Hollywood by storm. You go, girl.