Gigi Hadid Just Revealed a Tattoo Identical to Zayn Malik’s Wrist Ink

The new parents got matching tattoos to honor their daughter.

Gigi Hadid and boyfriend Zayn Malik have some matching ink.

In a new Vogue beauty video where Hadid was walking viewers through her post-pregnancy skincare and makeup routine, she flashed a brand new tat between her bicep and elbow.

As she blended her foundation, viewers got a glimpse of the tattoo that looks identical to that of Malik's ink. The script is their daughter's name "Khai" in Arabic.

Fans first noticed Malik's tat on his wrist during an Instagram live shortly after Gigi subtly debuted their daughter's name by adding "Khai's mom" to her Instagram bio.

The new parents have yet to fully show Khai's face, but we've gotten some sweet sneak peeks at their little bundle of joy.

Hadid's Vogue cover came out yesterday where she detailed Khai's at-home birth and discussed her post-pregnancy body.

"I know that I'm not as small as I was before, but I also am a very realistic thinker," she told Vogue. "I straight up was like, 'Yeah, I'll shoot a Vogue cover, but I'm obviously not going to be a size 0,' nor do I, at this point, feel like I need to be back to that. I also think it's a blessing of this time in fashion that anyone who says that I have to be that can suck it."

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