Gigi Hadid Speaks Out After Accidentally Starting a Rumor About Rihanna's Pregnancy

She's setting the record straight.

When Rihanna shared the first photo of her bump on Instagram, hundreds of thousands of people responded to the news with true joy. But a congratulatory comment made by pal Gigi Hadid raised more than a few eyebrows and sparked a rumor that she didn't mean to start.

Just days after Rihanna revealed she was expecting with a high-fashion photoshoot with her boyfriend A$AP Rocky, she gave a more intimate look at her pregnancy with a low-key bathroom snap. "How the gang pulled up to Black History Month," she captioned a picture of her growing stomach.

Gigi replied to the post, writing: "😭🥺 three angels 💘."

It didn't take long until fans began to wonder, does Gigi know something we don't?

"Did Homegirl say twins," wrote one user, while another asked, "does this means triplets? 🤔" Clarifying her comment, Gigi set the record straight, explaining that Rihanna, A$AP, and the baby were the only angels she was referring to. "I just caught word of this commotion ^ 😅," she said. "I meant rih/rocky/baby lol."

The baby will be the first child for Rihanna and A$AP Rocky, who have known each other for years and began dating back in December 2020. Sources say the couple is excited to become parents. "Having a baby is something she was never focused on, but being with Rocky opened her up to the idea," an insider told People. "She couldn't be happier and is so excited to be a mom." They added, "Everything Rihanna does, she does it her own way on her own time table, and having a baby is no different. They're just like any other pair of parents-to-be. Yes, they happen to be famous but they're just the cutest, giddiest young couple that's expecting kids."

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