Gigi Hadid's Outfit Paid Subtle Tribute to Daughter Khai

The new mom and her 5-month-old already share a similar jewelry collection.

After months of concealing her daughter's name from the public, Gigi Hadid is now all about spelling it out for the world to see.

Last month, fans noticed a tattoo on the model's bicep that spells out "Khai" in Arabic (Zayn Malik has the same lettering on his wrist). On Sunday, Hadid made an even more overt tribute to her 5-month-old.

Hadid, who's currently in Milan for Fashion Week, was spotted out this weekend in a gray cardigan emblazoned with paisley designs, a pair of high-waisted gray jeans, black boots, an identity-concealing black face mask and white sunglasses combo, and a lime green beanie. But our favorite part of the 25-year-old's look circled her neck: a gold-plated chain-link necklace from The Sis Kiss with crystal-encrusted letters spelling out "Khai."

Gigi Hadid Wore a "Khai" Necklace
Jacopo Raule/Getty Images
Gigi Hadid Wore a "Khai" Necklace
Jacopo Raule/Getty Images

Hadid has a similar necklace that bears Malik's name, too.

Gigi isn't the only member of the Hadid-Malik clan who's building her collection of moniker-inspired jewelry. Just last night, the model shared a photo of a tiny "Khai" charm bracelet Donatella Versace sent for the tot.

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