By Isabel Jones
Nov 09, 2017 @ 9:15 am

Remember when we discovered the lost (as in not yet world-famous) Kar-Jenner cousin? Well, this might be even more momentous a celebrity relative reveal. Get this: Bella and Gigi Hadid have a gorgeous look-alike cousin who (like literally every member of her extended family) also models.

World, meet Joann van den Herik, daughter to Leo van den Herik, niece to Yolanda Hadid, cousin to Gigi, Bella, and Anwar.

Today I reached 30k!!! 30.000 of you already, that's insane. It's such a big deal for me, because knowing that you support me is just the best thing ever. I'm so thankful for all the sweet messages I get from you every single day, you guys make my life a little happier :). I know you all say that I inspire you and that I make you feel confident about yourself, but you all do the same for me. I used to be sooo insecure about myself, that it made me depressed and lonely. It really made me go crazy, because I was so OBSESSED with appearances and comparing myself to everyone. I felt so unworthy. But partly because of you, I feel good enough again. Making you guys feel confident and good about yourself, makes me confident and feel good about myself. I love that I can tell my story to others and inspire them to love themselves. I wish I'd had a stranger telling me that when I was younger. It's so important to support each other and lift other people up and that's literally the only thing I want to do through my instagram. I want people to love themselves and to accept themselves, and to love and accept other people. Everyone may be different from each other, but everyone is worthy of being treated with love and respect, that means treating yourself with love and respect too ❤️ Thank you so so so much for 30k, and because I want to show it to you, you can get 15% off on @yourfashionstorynl with my code "Joann15". I LOVE YOU GUYS!! #30k #LOVEYOURSELF #EMBRACEYOURSELF PS the second photo was my reaction when I found out I reached 30k 😂😂

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You haven't seen the last of me

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what abouttttt last night 💫✨⚡️

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The family resemblance is hard to miss!

Joann sees the Hadids occasionally, though she’s always quick to note how much she misses her in-demand cousins.

I got you ❣️ #FamilyFirst

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the funny pictures are always with you, i miss you loads @gigihadid 🌟

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In addition to modeling, Joann also shares her inspiring body positivity with her 31,000 Instagram followers, emphasizing the importance of embracing your every curve.

Did we mention, she also has an equally gorgeous sister?

Watch out, Gigi and Bella, Joann and Lizzy have Hadid-level potential! We’re positive this isn’t the last we’ll see from the van den Heriks girls …