Gift Ideas: Celebrity Kids' Toys

Get Your Kid a Celebrity Toy - Matilda Ledger
Photo: RAMEY PHOTO, Courtesy Amazon

Gift Ideas: Celebrity Kids' Toys

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Zuma and Kingston Rossdale's Retro Wagon

Get Your Kid a Celebrity Toy - Zuma and Kingston's Wagon
RAMEY PHOTO, Courtesy Target

Gwen Stefani transported easy riders Zuma and Kingston to a neighborhood play date in a retro Radio Flyer wagon.

Travl-ler wagon, Radio Flyer, $99.99; at

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Suri Cruise's Chic Stroller

Get Your Kid a Celebrity Toy - Suri's Stroller
Fame Pictures, Courtesy

Suri Cruise honed her maternal instincts during a family outing in Prague, giving her doll a ride in a stylish pram.

Polka dot doll carriage, Corolle, $89.95; at

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Levi McConaughey's Beginner Bike

Get Your Kid a Celebrity Toy - Levi's Bike
Mike/Fame Pictures, Courtesy

Levi McConaughey showed that he's inherited dad Matthew's love of exercising outdoors when he took a spin in Malibu.

Pedal-free bike, Early Rider, $160; at

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Shiloh Jolie-Pitt's Backpack

Get Your Kid a Celebrity Toy - Shiloh's Backpack
Splash News, Courtesy Nickelodeon

During a trip to Los Angeles, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt kept her must-haves safe in a cuddly backpack.

Brobee plush backpack, Yo Gabba Gabba, $59.95; at

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Hermes Giersch's Toy Blender

Hermes Giersch's Toy Blender

Kelly Rutherford and son Hermes looked ready to explore the culinary arts with the Let's Pretend Mixer.

Play kitchen mixer, Educational Insights, $21.99; at

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Honor Warren's Eco-Friendly Doll

Get Your Kid a Celebrity Toy - Honor Warren
Flynet, Courtesy

Honor Warren showed that she's already thinking green when she toted her organic cotton doll during a shopping trip with mom Jessica Alba.

Hemp and organic cotton Malia doll, The Earth Friends, $66; at

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Harlow Richie-Madden's Costume

Get Your Kid a Celebrity Toy - Harlow's Princess Costume
Sharpshooter Images/ Splash, Courtesy Disney

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden's daughter Harlow Richie-Madden dressed the part when she visited Disneyland with her parents.

Princess Tiana costume, Disney, $39.50; at

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Matilda Ledger's Urban Scooter

Get Your Kid a Celebrity Toy - Matilda Ledger
RAMEY PHOTO, Courtesy Amazon

Matilda Ledger scooted around the streets of Brooklyn with a little help from mom Michelle Williams and the required safety gear.

Mini-kick scooter, Micro, $79.99; at

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