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Jan 14, 2017 @ 11:30 am

It’s hard to believe that we’ll soon be saying goodbye to President Barack Obama after eight years of service as Commander-in-Chief. Many people have been taking time to reflect on their favorite moments and memories of the outgoing president.

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And now, George Clooney shared a memorable moment of President Obama, and it’s making us seriously emotional.

Of course, Clooney isn’t the first person to share positive memories of Obama. Famous people and regular citizens alike have been sharing all sorts of reflections about the current president. And, since, his official farewell address, people everywhere have been sharing all sorts of heartfelt thoughts about him.

Clooney had worked with Obama a great deal during the Darfur crisis. And while he undoubtedly had plenty of memories from their time together on that worthy cause, it was a different memory that he shared. While speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Clooney shared a moment when Obama sang to help heal broken hearts.

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He said, “The idea that the president of the U.S. can show up in South Carolina after nine people in a church had been shot and sing ‘Amazing Grace’ – and the way he sang ‘Amazing Grace’ – was one of the most moving things I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Clooney is referring to the 2015 shooting in Charleston, South Carolina. Obama came to help grieve for those who lost their lives.

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He added, “I couldn’t imagine any other president in our history doing that. He moved us in a way, and those family members moved us by not retaliating and keeping the city calm. It was such a moving moment that I’ll always remember.”

Just thinking of the sensitivity it takes to be so vulnerable is overwhelming. Hearing this is a great reminder of what a truly brave leader Obama has been.

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