8 Friends Co-Stars Who Dated IRL

Actor Matthew Perry and actress Julia Roberts...
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No beloved TV series would truly make the grade without some sexual tension between its cast members. Though none of the core Friends dated (publicly, at least), a few of the main crew canoodled with guest stars. Before you inevitably ask, no, no one dated Gunther. We’re upset about it, too.

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Scroll down below for a look at five couples who once co-starred on Friends.

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New York Screening of "The Object of My Affection"

Paul Rudd Jennifer Aniston
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Long before Rudd joined the cast of Friends as Phoebe's boyfriend (and eventual husband), Mike, he and Aniston co-starred in the 1998 film The Object of My Affection.

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Courteney Cox (Monica) and David Arquette (Malcolm)

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Courteney and David were already more than Friends when Arquette guest-starred on season 3 of the sitcom as Phoebe's stalker. The couple met on the set of Scream the year prior and wed in 1999, a moment memorialized by the credits in "The One After Vegas." Though they announced their separation in 2010, Courteney and David are still dedicated to co-parenting their 14-year-old daughter, Coco.

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Jennifer Aniston (Rachel) and Brad Pitt (Will)

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OK, you know the story ... Soon after their wedding in 2000, Pitt guest-starred on Friends's season 8 Thanksgiving episode as (who else?) a member of his (and Ross's) "I Hate Rachel" club. It was hilarious at the time, but in light of the years of Angelina Jolie-driven scandal to come, the bit really hasn't aged well.

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Matthew Perry (Chandler) and Julia Roberts (Susie Moss, aka Susie Underpants)

Actor Matthew Perry and actress Julia Roberts...
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Roberts guest-starred on Friends as a former classmate of Chandler's exacting revenge for his misdeeds 20 years prior. Well, their on-screen feud soon turned to off-screen romance ... People confirmed the pair was casually dating in '96, though it seems their relationship never went much further than initial reports. (Could we be any more disappointed??)

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"Picture Perfect" - New York Premiere

"Picture Perfect" - New York Premiere
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Donovan and Aniston dated for two-and-a-half years beginning in 1995. And though Donovan loved working on a sitcom as beloved as Friends, he calls his 5-episode arc as Rachel's client and crush, "horrible." Unfortunately, by the time he was approached to appear on the series, he and Aniston had already broken up. Awkward ...

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