10 Friends Looks You Can Still Wear — And Where to Shop Them

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Shoppable Friends Outfits
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During its run, Friends was extremely influential in the spheres of fashion and beauty (lookin' at you, The Rachel). The show is celebrating its 25th anniversary on Sept. 22, and we couldn't BE more excited to re-live some of its most iconic fashion moments. And what better time to do so, than a time when pretty much everything we're wearing is steeped in '90s nostalgia, anyway. Go ahead and pivot on through these pics, because they'll show you the looks you already remember and love — and where you can shop the 2019 version.

Rachel's Plaid Miniskirt and Turtleneck

Rachel’s Plaid Miniskirt and Turtleneck

Rachel rocks this school girl-esque look while babysitting Ross's monkey [Yes, you read that correctly.] Things go awry when Marcel goes missing, but nonetheless Rachel never misses a beat with this outfit. This ASOS plaid mini and 525 America turtleneck will be your staples this fall. Add these Urban Outfitter knee-high socks for an extra kick.

Shop it: Plaid skirt, $48; asos.com. White turtleneck, $78; shopbop.com Knee-high socks, $14; urbanoutfitters.com.

Monica's Floral Mini and Cropped Sweater

Monica’s Floral Mini and Cropped Sweater

Monica throws Rachel a birthday party in this floral mini skirt and cropped sweater. This Nasty Gal wrap skirt is a carbon copy of Monica's skirt. Pair it with this Forever21 cropped sweater for a "kick-you-in-the-crotch, spit-on-your-neck fantastic" copy.

Shop it: Mini-skirt, $20; nastygal.com. Cropped-sweater, $25; forever21.com.

Phoebe's Pink Tweed Dress

Phoebe’s Pink Tweed Dress

Phoebe meets up with her secret husband at the Ice Capades (it's a long story), and shows up in this tweed minidress to impress him. This dress gives us major '90s Chanel vibes and is fun while still being sophisticated. This Forever21 dress gives off that same spunky look that's perfect for day or night.

Shop it: Tweed mini-dress, $35; forever21.com

Phoebe's Floral Maxi Skirt and Oversized Sweater

Phoebe’s Floral Maxi Skirt and Oversized Sweater

Peasant skirts are now trending and Phoebe nailed this look back in the '90s. Pairing the skirt with an oversized sweater makes it perfect for everyday wear. And perfect for work, which for Phoebe, means singing brutally honest songs to children at the library. This American Eagle floral maxi has a hipster feel with a fresh take. Add this oversized sweater to recreate this eclectic, boho look.

Shop it: Floral maxi-skirt, $23; ae.com. Oversized sweater, $79; nordstrom.com.

Rachel's Yellow Turtleneck

Rachel’s Yellow Turtleneck

This sporty chic ensemble is fun and flirty for a very smitten Rachel during the early stages of her and Ross's relationship. Planning their first date, Rachel and Ross are all smiles, even though Rachel ruins it by laughing when Ross touches her butt. Go sporty with this ASOS bodysuit and H&M black short combo that would totally be Rachel approved.

Shop it: Bodysuit, $56; asos.com. Black shorts, $35; hm.com.

Rachel's Mint Column Dress

Rachel’s Mint Column Dress

The episode starts with a frantic Ross urging everyone to start getting ready so they can be on time for his museum benefit. Fights ensue, and it appears Rachel will be staying home from her boyfriend's benefit. With some convincing and after Ross almost drinks Monica's cooking fat to prove his love, Rachel throws on this number ("with five seconds to spare"). The slinky, mint green dress wouldn't be our last minute choice. And this ASOS dress is a modern take on Rachel's dress with a silk twist and cute tie straps.

Shop it: Green midi-dress, $69. asos.com

Monica's Mom Jeans

Monica’s Mom Jeans

Monica's "mom" jeans are the epitome of '90s fashion. Monica paired her denim with a simple red tank the first time she meets Joey. These jeans clearly caught Joey's eye, and these Levi's will have everyone asking "How you doin?"

Shop it: Dad jeans, $98; urbanoutfitters.com. Red tank, $12; nordstrom.com. White sneakers, $85; nordstrom.com.

Phoebe's Bright Orange Faux Fur Coat

Phoebe’s Bright Orange Faux Fur Coat

While looking at Ross's new apartment, Rachel and Phoebe see Monica and Chandler "doin' it" through the window. They can't unsee that, and we can't unsee her fabulous coat. This oversized and colorful Nasty Gal faux fur copycat will be great for winter. We know you know we know you know you want that coat.

Shop it: Faux fur coat, $115; nastygal.com.

Monica's Bright and Sexy Dress

Monica’s Bright and Sexy Dress

Who could forget this look? Monica wowed her friends on the night that was supposed to be her engagement. Of course they run into Monica's ex, Richard, and the proposal doesn't happen. Chandler almost loses Monica to Richard, but in the end, Monica proposes to Chandler. (How progressive and so 2019!) A bright, silk slip dress is the modern version of Monica's striking dress.

Shop it: Red silk dress, $69; urbanoutfitters.com.

Rachel's Layered Top And Silk Mini

Friends Shoppable Outfits

In the very last episode, Rachel is departing for Paris to start her new job at Louis Vuitton. This classic black-and-white Parisian look can be easily replicated with this Banana Republic tank and &OtherStories silk mini. Pair yours with a white tee for a layering effect. And please consider not getting off the plane.

Shop it: White T-shirt, $14; gap.com. Black sweater tank, $60; bananarepublic.com. Black mini-skirt, $59; stories.com.

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