Florence Pugh Says All the Criticism on Her Relationship With Zach Braff Is Belittling to Women

"I'm 24 and I can't choose who I love."

Florence Pugh is talking about the 21-year age gap between herself and Zach Braff again, though, by all indications, she's rather not. On Tuesday's episode of the Sue Perkins: An Hour or So With... podcast, Pugh explained that she's caught in a situation where she's treated as an adult in so many parts of her life, but people won't stop focusing on her relationship and the math that goes along with it. During her time with host Sue Perkins, she explained that the whole situation makes her feel like she's being reduced down to a number, when she's really out there doing a lot more.

"I've always found it funny, how I can be good enough for people to watch my work and support my work and pay for tickets, and I'm old enough to be an adult and pay taxes, but I'm not old enough to know who I should and should not have sex with," Pugh said. "Yet again, once again, it's making a young woman feel like shit for no reason."

Florence Pugh

She went on to say that critics have been quick to judge, noting that she has reasons not to be with someone her own age.

"I think I did feel shitty for a while for admitting that. And then I thought how ridiculous is that? I'm 24 and I can't choose who I love," Pugh continued. "There's a reason why I'm not with someone my age — it hasn't worked. So, who are you trying to match me up with?"

Pugh explains that being a part of the entertainment industry puts her in a unique position, but also said that it shouldn't allow everyone to chance to comment about her relationship with Braff. After all, she's the one dating him, not anyone else. Her private life is private.

"I think because of the entertainment industry, obviously those lines get very blurred. People want to have a say on who you go out with, where you go to lunch. I’ve just always found that weird, how people have a say over your private life," she said. "The fact is, I’m not a reality TV star, I don't let people into my life like that. Since when has it been okay for people to shout at someone for their relationship? It’s crazy to me."

This isn't the first time that Pugh has had to address all the comments about her relationship. Back in May, she told Elle UK that she didn't appreciate anyone trying to "educate" her on her own life.

"I've always found this part of what people do really bizarre. I'm an actor because I like acting and I don’t mind people watching my stuff, but people have no right to educate me on my private life," she said.

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