Florence Pugh Clapped Back at "Vulgar" Critics of Her See-Through Valentino Dress

"Why are you so scared of breasts?"

Florence Pugh is defending her decision to wear a completely see-through dress to Valentino's haute couture show over the weekend, and has a message for those who were offended.

On Sunday, the actress addressed the backlash she received for baring her breasts in the sheer hot pink tulle gown on Instagram. Acknowledging that she knew there would be commentary surrounding the dress, she was still "excited" to wear it. But Pugh didn't expect the level of disrespect and vulgarity from critics.

Florence Pugh Valentino Haute Couture Show

"What's been interesting to watch and witness is just how easy it is for men to totally destroy a woman's body, publicly, proudly, for everyone to see," she wrote alongside a slideshow of photos of her show-stopping look. "You even do it with your job titles and work emails in your bio..?" She added, "It isn't the first time and certainly won't be the last time a woman will hear what's wrong with her body by a crowd of strangers, what's worrying is just how vulgar some of you men can be."

Pugh revealed that she's already accepted her so-called "flaws" that people have "aggressively" wanted to point out to her. "I've lived in my body for a long time," she said. "I'm fully aware of my breast size and am not scared of it." She then turned the tables back onto the critics, questioning, "What's more concerning is…. Why are you so scared of breasts? Small? Large? Left? Right? Only one? Maybe none? What. Is. So. Terrifying. It makes me wonder what happened to you to be so content on being so loudly upset by the size of my boobs and body..?"

"I'm very grateful that I grew up in a household with very strong, powerful, curvy women," Pugh continued. "We were raised to find power in the creases of our body. To be loud about being comfortable. It has always been my mission in this industry to say 'fuck it and fuck that' whenever anyone expects my body to morph into an opinion of what's hot or sexually attractive."

Her post concluded with a reminder to "respect people. Respect bodies. Respect all women. Respect humans." "Life will get a whole lot easier, I promise," she wrote. "And all because of two cute little nipples…."

Valentino's creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli supported Pugh's message in the comments section, writing: "Respect." Joey King also piled on the praise. "You are truly so amazing," she wrote. "You put into words what so many feel but can't articulate." Jameela Jamil added, "You're a magical fucking queen and we do not deserve you."

Say it louder for the people in the back.

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