Here's Your First Peek at Frozen's Broadway Musical

Photo: Frozen/Facebook

Fans of Arendelle listen up because we have news that'll warm even the most frozen heart.

Just a few months after it was announced that a Frozen musical is coming to Broadway (cue all the applause), we already have our first look at the production.

Disney on Monday released a glimpse behind the scenes at rehearsals and gave fans the first taste of what to expect once the musical premieres later this year. The writers, lyricists, producers, and creative artists behind Frozen: The Broadway Musical talked about taking the original story from the screen to the stage, and they've promised fans a deeper look into the beloved characters.

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"Particularly with Elsa, we can get inside her head," book writer Jennifer Lee says. "We can be with her on this journey."

Deeper storylines aren't the only thing Disney has in store. The musical promises new music, and a lot of it.

"There's something like seven songs in the movie, but there's something like 21 [in the musical,]" said Robert Lopez, who worked with Kristen Anderson Lopez on the music and lyrics. "It's like tripling the number of songs."

Frozen will head to Broadway until 2018, but before then, it'll make a pit stop at the Buell Theatre in the Denver Center for the Performing Arts this fall from August 17-October 1.

Some Broadway musicals are worth melting (err—waiting) for.

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