Finest Behind the Seams

SMA - Zac Posen
Photo: Instagram/zac_posen

Finest Behind the Seams

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Victoria Beckham

SMA - Victoria Beckham

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Twitter @victoriabeckham
Instagram @victoriabeckham
Beckham keeps her 7.66 million+ Twitter followers and 2.3 million+ Instagram followers in the know about her latest designs and inspirations—not forgetting to include behind-the-scenes shots and candid moments from photo shoots.
Shown here: "It's very hot in Singapore! I have my own 'wafter' on this cover shoot! Genius!"

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Tory Burch

SMA - Tory Burch

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Twitter @toryburch
Instagram @toryburch
The designer and CEO of the American lifestyle brand is the brainchild behind all of the clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories, and beauty products—and her 314,000 Twitter followers and 491,000+ Instagram followers get first looks at them all.
Shown here: Burch snapped this right before giving the commencement speech to the class of 2014 at her alma mater Agnes Irwin.

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Diane von Furstenberg

SMA - Diane von Furstenberg

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Twitter @DVF
Instagram @DVF
As her Twitter bio notes, "All things DVF...all the time!" Her nearly 700,000 followers are privy to updates on the latest celebs sporting the brand. On Instagram, the designer's 449,500+ followers can set sights on her latest source of inspiration.
Shown here: The designer looking fabulous in a bright yellow number.

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Prabal Gurung

SMA - Prabal Gurung

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Twitter @prabalgurung
Instagram @prabalgurung
From fashion and flowers to friends, Gurung lets his 152,000+ Twitter followers and 179,000+ Instagram followers in on all of his latest muses.
Shown here: The designer catching up with actress and pal Diane Kruger in Paris. ?Life is always better with DK in it!!!?

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Zac Posen

SMA - Zac Posen

Follow him:

Twitter @zac_posen
Instagram @zac_posen
The NYC-based designer's 265,000 Twitter followers and 499,000+ Instagram followers get a glimpse inside Zac's studio, from sketches to fittings and—of course—to the finished product!
Shown here: #MagicInTheMaking for the upcoming collection!

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