Credit: Ki Price/Getty

The anticipation for Fergie's Double Dutchess album is palpable, and lucky for us, it will include both new music and powerful visuals.

Fergie has already released a video "Hungry" with Rick Ross as well as new song "You Already Know" with Nicki Minaj, but her latest endeavor is much more visual.

A two-minute trailer of the Double Dutchess visual album is full of drama and emotion, as Fergie does a retrospective on her career before diving into what's to come. She addresses social media comments that criticized her last album, and complaints about how long it has taken for her new music to arrive. But when she gets into the optics for her new videos, it's nothing short of a visual feast.

Everything from churches to padded cells are on the agenda, as well as style and beauty notes including black latex, a fishnet veil, and a slew of candy-colored wigs. It's easy to get giddy with excitement abut what the whole thing will look like with a preview so jam-packed.

Double Dutchess and its accompanying visual experience Seeing Double will be released on September 22nd—a great way to kick off the fall season, if you ask us. Can't wait? The album is up for pre-order now if you want to get ahead of the buzz.