Inspiring Social Media Messages That Call for an End to Gun Violence

Gun Control Protest
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At least 26 people died on Sunday after a shooter opened fire inside the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. The tragedy brought the number of mass shootings in the United States this year to 307.

And while celebrities have taken to social media to honor the victims and offer condolences, many are saying that messages of hope aren’t enough and are urging citizens to fight for change and call for stricter gun laws.

Chelsea Handler, who recently announced she’s leaving her Netflix show to pursue political activism, took to Instagram to inspire others to speak up and fight for reform.

“We have to be better than this. We can’t let this keep happening and talk about it for a week and then forget all these people whose lives were ruined. You can’t ignore it because gun talk isn’t popular and you will lose followers,” she wrote.

“Murder isn’t popular. People with mental health disorders aren’t murderers until they get their hands on a gun. Please don’t be silence. Pls act like these victims are your relatives.”

The photo she shared says “prayers aren’t enough” and references previous mass shootings like the one in Las Vegas seen this year.

Writer Roxanne Gay shared similar sentiments on Twitter, writing, “35 days ago 58 people were murdered and 548 injured in a mass shooting. Around 21 days ago, the news stopped caring,” she said.

“A few hours ago, more than 20 people were murdered by another mass shooter in a church. And we can’t even pretend this will change anything,” she added. “After a mass shooting in a church, the phrase ‘thoughts and prayers’ from the mouths of useless politicians becomes even more asinine.”

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If you’re motivated to call for gun reform, contact your local representatives, vote, and spread the message of #StopGunViolence like the posts below.

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