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Emmy Rossum Had the Best Advice at InStyle’s Elegant Dinner Celebrating Stuart Weitzman
What better way to celebrate the middle of awards season but to have InStyle’s Editor-in-Chief Laura Brown host an exclusive dinner celebrating Stuart Weitzman’s Creative Director, the talented Giovanni Morelli, at the Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles? Morelli, who started with the fashion house last spring, was extremely excited to be in Tinseltown talking about—you guessed it—shoes! “All these women have a very different approach with shoes, but all love shoes because it’s part of their personality, and also part of their life. I think, for women, shoes are very important.” He also elaborated on why the brand has been popular for decades. “Because I think we’re friendly, the shoes are friendly & not too aggressive…not too over-designed. They also make the woman comfortable in every sense,” says Morelli. InStyle’s Laura Brown agrees. “I really just love Stuart Weitzman. It’s really funny…whenever I see someone’s shoes and I go ‘cute’, they always go ‘Stuart Weitzman’. I think we have a very similar sensibility. It’s cool, it’s good-looking, and it’s not snobby. Here are cool shoes and we want everyone to wear them.” The ambience inside the event was intimate and glamorous: a perfect mix of fashionistas and Hollywood powerhouses that included Allison Janney, Olivia Munn, Kristin Chenoweth, Emmy Rossum, Sistine, Stallone, Madeline Brewer (all donning Stuart Weitzman heels of course), alighted on a private townhouse suite with an Art Deco balcony. RELATED: Gigi Hadid x Stuart Weitzman Just Released the Comfiest Shoes for Everyday Wear Allison Janney has been a Weitzman devotee for years, telling InStyle “Even before I was a known actress, I’ve always gravitated towards Stuart Weitzman, because the shoes are comfortable. I happen to wear a size 11 and he’s always been generous to lend them in my size feet. And I’ve always found their shoes that are comfortable and stylish and that is the majority of my shoe closet. So, I’m a huge fan and to be invited to this party tonight, I just had that moment with Kristin (Chenoweth) on the set where I said ‘honey we have to go to this party together, because you’re wearing Stuart Weitzman shoes all the time and I love them, and we’re going. You’re my date’. And that was it.” Janney’s plus-one, Kristin Chenoweth, also has a hard time finding her size—4 ½. “My fit is narrow, and I feel right on point when I wear it. It’s like they built their shoe for me. I perform in their shoes, I’m in concert in his shoes, and I wear them for nights out like tonight. I have a glittery little bootie that I just got, that I wear all the time, and people stop me on the street. I’m not being paid by him. I’m a huge fan,” says Chenoweth. Olivia Munn was also excited to sport her SWs. “Literally, I wear Stuart Weitzman almost all the time. The Nudists are one of the best shoes ever. They are incredibly comfortable, which is really amazing considering it’s just two straps. I wear Stuart Weitzman Nudists almost with everything, jean shorts, jeans, dresses, I love them…so when it’s a Stuart Weitzman dinner it makes it super easy because you’re like, ‘ok great, because I get to wear my Nudists.’” As the soirée happened to take place on the eve of the Women’s March in L.A., Olivia Munn and Emmy Rossum also shared some poignant words of advice for girls. “Be your own best friend, try to believe in yourself the way the people around you do. Often I find it’s difficult to ask for what we deserve, in terms of wage equality and other things, but we need to be our advocates, our own best friends and be unapologetic about understanding our own self-worth,” says Rossum. Adds Munn, “I think cultivate really great friendships and never be friends with a girl who says she has a hard time being friends with girls…Nurture them, value them, and just know that it’s one of the most important friendships and relationships you’ll have in your life.” Scroll down for images from the chic celebration! 

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