Emma Stone
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It's hard to believe Emma Stone has hosted Saturday Night Live three times now, but the beautiful red-haired star was sincere and a little silly discussing it in her opening monologue last night. "Last time I hosted was five years ago and I was so young back then," she said. "I didn't actually go to high school really, so for me this kind of was my high school."

The 28-year-old joked that her best memory was a fling she had with a cast member back then; hilarity ensued as Bobby Moynihan appeared in the background wearing a varsity jacket and holding a football.

Stone hosted the live show to promote her new movie with Ryan Gosling, La La Land. On her episode the actress was joined by a special guest appearance from another beautiful and funny lady, Jennifer Aniston, as well as musical guest Shawn Mendes.

This has been a busy year for Stone who plays Billie Jean King in the highly anticipated film, Battle of the Sexes. Stone is also rumored to be cast as Cruella de Vil in the upcoming film Cruella.

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