The couple welcomed Rhodes back in December.

By Christopher Luu
Feb 19, 2021 @ 4:04 pm

Rhodes Robert Hedlund already has two very famous parents, proud mom Emma Roberts and father Garrett Hedlund, but he also happens to have a famous godfather, too. During an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Hedlund revealed that the couple chose a close family friend for the honor — and he happens to be Tim McGraw.

"He's somebody that I admire and respect not only as an amazing father, an amazing husband and amazing musician, amazing actor," Hedlund told Clarkson. "And his name is Tim McGraw."

Emma Roberts And Baby Rhodes
Credit: Emma Roberts/Instagram

Hedlund went on to say that he's known McGraw for nearly two decades. They starred in Friday Night Lights (the 2004 film, not the cult-favorite TV series), playing father and son. After that, they were in the movie Country Strong together.

"We laugh about it because it's been probably over 17 years now that we did Friday Night Lights together, we played father and son," he said. "So, I got to first experience him, you know, as a father in that film — a little more of somewhat an abusive one — but then we did Country Strong together and we've remained such close friends."

Clarkson pointed out that having a godson could be particularly meaningful for McGraw, who has three daughters of his own.

"It's kind of cool for him because he doesn't have a boy. He's got a lot estrogen rocking that household," she said.

Hedlund agreed, noting that McGraw can feel a little left out: "He feels sometimes singled out." Hedlund added that he's close to the whole McGraw family, including the country crooner's wife, Faith Hill, and their kids Gracie, Maggie Elizabeth, and Audrey Caroline.

While McGraw seems like a great pick, Hedlund explained that he and Roberts didn't ask so much as McGraw insisted.

"I called him and the first he said was, 'I'm the godfather,'" Hedlund said, explaining that it happened when Roberts was about 12 weeks pregnant. "So, how could you argue?"