Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund Reportedly Split a Year After Welcoming Their First Child Together

"They are trying their best to co-parent," says a source.

Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund have reportedly called it quits after dating for nearly three years. Multiple sources told People that the pair split a few weeks ago following a recent rough patch in their relationship.

The two first got together in 2019, and a year later, they welcomed their first child, a son, Rhodes Robert Hedlund. "It's sad, and they are trying their best to co-parent. It's been hard," an insider said of their breakup. Though, neither Roberts nor Hedlund have officially confirmed the news.

Back in December 2020, Roberts and Hedlund announced the arrival of their baby boy before sharing his first photo and name the next month on Instagram. "Thank you 2020 for getting one thing right," Emma captioned her post at the time. "Our bright light Rhodes Robert Hedlund."

A source later revealed that the actor "stepped it up" for Emma immediately after she gave birth to Rhodes, who celebrated his first birthday last month. "Having a newborn in the pandemic has been a lot harder than either of them expected, but they're really, really trying their best to figure things out," said the source. "Garrett totally stepped it up after Emma was still recovering after giving birth. He made sure that their house was stocked with things that Emma liked and needed so she felt comfortable. She's just starting to get back into a more 'normal' routine."

Meanwhile, Emma revealed that her mindset has changed since becoming a mom. "That was definitely the most eye-opening, having a child," she told People in July. "Where before, I'm operating in the world on my own and I'm just kind of thinking about what's right for me. And when you have a kid, it's like, wait, how old is he going to be in the year 2050? What's the world going to look like?"

Roberts and Hedlund began dating shortly after the Scream Queens star broke off her engagement with Evan Peters. As for Hedlund, he was in a relationship with Kirsten Dunst for four years from 2012 to 2016.

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