Nasty Gal's new campaign star tells InStyle she's a fan of affordable fashion — and has a great trick for making sweatpants look fancy.

By Samantha Sutton
Oct 02, 2020 @ 2:44 pm
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Just when we're at a loss for what wear, our favorite celebrity will step out in something that leaves us feeling inspired. Oftentimes, that person is Emily Ratajkowski, and after looking at her new Nasty Gal Fall '20 campaign, we're suddenly tempted to ditch our sweats in favor of animal prints and crop tops.

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"It's nice when you like the clothes that you're wearing," the model, actress, and designer tells InStyle over the phone, speaking about the retro-meets-sexy photo shoot. "I love the zebra dress with the matching hat, and the black suit with the '80s cropped blazer and super-high pants. Both of those are very me."

If you've seen some of Ratajkowski's street style outfits, this confession should come as no surprise. The star often channels an old school Julia Roberts, and, it turns out, it's not purely a coincidence.

"I love Julia Roberts' '80s style and the way she would wear oversized suits," she says. "I watched My Best Friend's Wedding not that long ago and she looks so good in that whole movie. She's wearing all these suits with funky tops and tiny little sunglasses. She really knew how to look beautiful but also really cool, which I've always loved."

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Of course, like most of us, Ratajkowski hasn't had many opportunities to dress up during the pandemic. Her style as of late is more "comfy-cozy," and she's drawn to oversized pieces — especially now that it's fall.

"I'm really happy that it's getting a little cooler because I get to play with all my blazers and jackets, and throw those on with oversized-but-fitted-around-the-waist slacks and sneakers," she says about her go-to casual look. "That's always chic, and comfortable too."

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Also, if you've been living in sweatpants, not to worry: Ratajkowski loves 'em, too. Aside from pairing her sets with gold hoops, she says there's one affordable accessory that makes them slightly fancier.

"Wearing a bulkier or longer sock that holds up the bottom of your sweatpants helps them look a more like a look. Whereas, if you let the ankle fall all the way to the sneaker, it looks a little bit lazier. Socks help a lot with the proportions of an outfit."

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Clearly, Ratajkowski loves Nasty Gal — she collaborated with the site last year, too! — and part of the reason is that the clothes aren't too expensive. She herself is a fan of affordable fashion ("I've never been someone who spends a ton of money on clothes.") and admits to finding some of her best clothes at thrift stores.

"I have a couple of different mini dresses that I bought when I was like, 17 in San Francisco at thrift stores that I just continue to wear," she says. "I probably wear them three times a year, but they have just worked for me through the years. I'll throw them on with a sweater, dress them up with boots, or dress them down with sneakers. I think they were five bucks, and they're still staples in my closet."

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Nasty Gal's new collection hits the site on Oct. 7, with prices ranging from $12 to $306 and sizing from 0 to 20.