Emily Blunt Told Her Daughter That She Wasn't Famous

"If they can remain oblivious for the longest time, I'd be thrilled."

If ignorance is bliss, Emily Blunt wants to keep her daughters Hazel and Violet as blissful as possible, even if that means not being completely honest about her career. In a new interview, Blunt shared that she told Hazel that she and husband John Krasinski weren't famous. It's only a matter of time before the little ones figure out that their mom and pops are one of Hollywood's most beloved couples, but for now, Blunt says she's keeping her kiddos away from all of that.

"Hazel came home the other day and we were in the kitchen and she goes, 'Are you famous?'" Blunt told The Sunday Times. "And I'd never heard her ... we've never said that word in our house. We don't talk about it."

Emily Blunt John Krasinski
Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Blunt went on to explain that she figured it was someone at her daughters' school that brought it up and that her kids probably know more than they're willing to admit. Hazel is 7 years old and Violet is 4.

"Someone at school had clearly said it. I was like, 'Um ... not really, I don't think I am. Did someone say that to you, Haze?'" Blunt continued. "She said, 'Yeah,' but then she wouldn't divulge much more, you know, but it's weird. It's weird."

She also said that like so many other high-profile moms, she wants her kids to grow up like normal kids and not feel "more important or special" just because their parents are in the headlines. For now, Blunt explained, they're staying true to that, because the girls don't even like seeing their mom get glam.

"I don't want my kids to feel any more important or special or that there's a glare on them any more than other kids. If they can remain oblivious for the longest time, I'd be thrilled," she finished. "They don't even want to see what I do. They don't even like it when I put on makeup. They don't like any of it! They just want me to be their mummy."

Blunt and Krasinski have been together since 2008. They cemented their place as a Hollywood power couple when they starred in A Quiet Place together, which Krasinski also directed and wrote. The two reunited for the movie's sequel.

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