A matching set with a twist.

By Isabel Jones
Jun 22, 2021 @ 10:33 am

Leave it to Elle Fanning to take a casual stroll in the coolest outfit we've ever seen. 

The celebrated actress stepped out in London wearing the sort of look that is both unpretentiously low-key and coordinated enough to belong in a lookbook. 

Fanning paired an oversize short-sleeved brown linen button-up with a matching set of drawstring pants, leaving the top unbuttoned to reveal a black bralette.

But it was really the accessories that made the outfit. Fanning kept her long blond hair straight and parted down the middle, complementing the simple ensemble with a chunky gold necklace, a tiny pink Gucci Diana purse with bamboo handles, and a set of black and brown leather flip-flops. 

Elle Fanning Wore a Bra as a Top
Credit: Courtesy of Neil Mockford

Street style, red carpet … Fanning has proven once more there is no look she can't pull off. (We do miss the Cannes gowns though.)