Mary-Kate and Ashley Bullied Sister Elizabeth Olsen in a 1994 Song

People are just discovering the WandaVision star’s connection to the Olsen twins.

Sibling rivalries can be rough, but few among us can claim that our child star twin sisters released a bonafide diss track that 9/10 elementary school-aged children would end up hearing (and, surely to Elizabeth Olsen's chagrin, memorizing).

In 1994, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen released the seminal classic The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley: The Case of Thorn Mansion. The short film featured not only identical mystery-solving 8-year-olds and a Basset Hound wearing a hat but a soundtrack that included bangers like "B-U-T-T Out."

The track focuses on the artist formerly known as the Olsen twins' little sister Lizzie, who actually appears in this portion of the film.

You see, the twins don't want to spend time with the future Marvel star, and they continue to tell her exactly why.

Words are not minced. "We'd rather be picked up by a twister / Than tagged along after by a sister," the Olsens sing. "We'd rather eat french fried garden snails / We'd rather lose all out finger nails / Or bathe in a pool of slime! / Hasta la vista, baby sista!" they continue before reaching the eponymous chorus: "B-U-T-T out."

But their intentions are good! They explain, in song, that they're really just protecting Elizabeth. "It's not that it makes us gag to drag a tagalong tot and tow / It's not that you embarrass us in front of everyone we know / It's not that you are such a snot-nosed brat / It's not that you're nosy, it's not that you're a rat / Although that may be true / It just that this mission is dangerous / And we care so much for you." So … sweet?

Anyway, this video has been making the rounds as Twitter users discovered the connection between the three Elizabeth and the twins. I mean, their shared face kind of gives it away, but welcome, all.

I hope Elizabeth has since recovered from being called a "snot-nosed brat" for all the world to hear. If not, I know a certain Avenger who can teach the twins to take their own advice and "B-U-T-T Out" for good …

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